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The Best Platinum Blonde Icon of My Generation

There was Jean Harlow in the 30s, Marilyn Monroe in the 50s, and Madonna in the 80s. It seems like every generation has its own platinum blonde icon that they adored. As for my generation, although there were plenty of platinum blonde celebrities out there, there's only really one I recognize: Gwen Stefani. 

Her music is totally unique, her presence is awe-inspiring, and she's got a fashion sense that's off the charts. What more could you want? Ever since her No Doubt days, I've been a huge fan of Gwen Stefani. And when she went solo, I bought all her albums, shopped at her fashion brand, and even followed "The Voice" on all the seasons she was on. The latter was the most important since it allowed me to finally meet her in person and get her autograph! Ahh! To this day, remembering that moment gives me goosebumps. 

Before you ask, no, I didn't audition for "The Voice." If I had the talent, I would and I'd pick Stefani as my coach in a heartbeat. But really, I was just there as a lucky fan who scored tickets to be part of the audience. Fortunately, sometimes the audience members get to see the celebrity coaches in person and ask for their autographs or take selfies with them and the like. So with my friend, who actually got the tickets and simply asked me to accompany her, we brought our collection of 'Gwen Stefani: This Is What The Truth Looks Like' posters that we bought from her tour. Up until that day, we were still bitter that we didn't get to meet her in person after the concert. 

Anyway, you can say that this night was going to be our redemption. The filming went just as you'd see on TV and right before they filmed another episode, they held a long break. It was right then that we got the chance to see her in person and let me tell you: Gwen Stefani is glorious! Her platinum blonde locks looked unreal, her presence was electrifying, and I liked that she behaved in such a sophisticated way. The woman before had come so far from her punk-esque vibe from her No Doubt origins. 

The best part, however, was that she's such a nice person. She didn't have a diva personality, she was so approachable, and though we felt shy, we didn't feel intimidated by her. That was a true mark of a nice celebrity! That even before speaking to her, we could already feel comfortable around her. Of course, being the true goddess that she was, she didn't hesitate to give her autographs. She signed all of our posters, took a selfie with us, and it was done! Our dreams had come true! 

To all of you naysayers and haters out there, Gwen Stefani is a true icon! Just accept it and move on! As for me, I'm going to treasure my autographed poster and the memory of having met her in person! 

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