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Meeting Walter Mitty On The Red Carpet

Ben Stiller, an actor who I think is one of our generation's best, really is larger than life. I met him back in 2013 during the premiere of one of his more underrated films, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." I've been a big fan of his before that but it was really that film that convinced me that he deserves more praise for his work. 


I get that most of his comedic roles, of which are, ironically, his most iconic, often get him flak for his acting chops, Ben Stiller really is a fine thespian. Sure, he can be campy and over-the-top, but that's only because his roles demand him of such. That's why I'm so glad "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" happened! It really showed off his acting chops that go beyond just gag comedy. And he looked extremely proud of it during the red carpet premiere of the movie in New York. 


It was during the New York Film Festival and pretty much all of the cast were there. Apart from Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Kathryn Hahn, and the great Sean Penn were all there. Since I live in the Big Apple, I was lucky enough to have attended it as a fan. Yep, I was beside the paparazzi screaming my lungs out hoping Ben Stiller would look at me. Luckily, after around thirty minutes upon seeing him on the red carpet, he finally noticed me (or at least, my area) and went and shook my hands. I then asked him to sign my copies of the movie poster and he readily did! 


I can see that he was glowing that night, far from the timid Walter Mitty that he played on-screen. There was such huge confidence around him; as if he knew this role was going to give him the Oscar. It didn't unfortunately, but I'm glad, as his fan, that he was that proud of his work. Kristin Wiig, another comedy actress who was a little more serious in the movie as well, looked beautiful that night too. Pristine in white, you wouldn't have thought she was a wacky comedian on SNL. She, too, was generous in giving me her autographs. 


In fact, most of them were! Adam Scott, who I loved in "Parks and Recreation," looked dapper in his suit. I've always thought he was handsome, worthy enough to be a leading man in a rom-com. I couldn't help but blush as he signed my posters. Equally dashing was Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn. He had that Old Hollywood swag on him like you can't help but revel in his greatness! I was almost too nervous to ask for his autograph but he made the air so light and comfortable, I just did it and he signed them all! 


But the true star of that night was Ben Stiller. I really hope he went for more roles and movies like this one! It was definitely one of his best! No matter what anyone says, I'm proud to be his fan! 

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