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The Best "Officemates" Anyone Could Ever Have!

I'm not sure more people are aware of the cultural impact of "The Office." Even though it was a remake of a British sitcom, it's become a TV institution of its own here in the US. And, of course, it launched the likes of John Krasinski,  Jenna Fischer, Mindy Kaling, and more into superstardom. 


Personally, it was this amazing, dead-pan, dry humor of a sitcom that helped me get excited about working in an office when I was in my 20s. I'm nearing my forties now and I still remember its impact on me back then. So much so that at one point, I went all the way to LA to watch the red carpet of the Prime Time Emmy Awards just to meet the cast who were nominated that night. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet all of the "staff of Dunder Mifflin" but I did get to see some of its most familiar faces. 


The first one I met was John Krasinski. He looked taller than he did on TV and was even suaver than I thought he'd be. I was so used to his adorkable charm on-screen that I was caught off-guard when he was more dashing in real life. Talk about acting, right? He was so cool and he even signed all of my copies of the show's poster. I just wish I didn't tear his eardrum off with my constant squealing at the time. Can you blame me? I was at the Emmys! 


The great Steve Carell came after him. He was with his lovely wife and they looked so beautiful together. But I do have to say, out of all the cast members I saw in-person that night, Steve Carell was the one that I thought looked exactly as he did on-screen. And so nice too! I didn't even need to ask him to sign my posters. He just got them himself and happily signed them I felt so honored! Then came Jenna Fischer who looked beautiful that night! She's so pretty that I can't really see her as a plain office girl which made me love her even more! That only told me she really was that talented an actress! 


There will never be a show like "The Office" on American TV ever again, I think! It was just a level of its own. The humor, the deadpan, the delivery, the normalcy of it all! It helped living a mundane life feel more worthwhile than it actually is! 

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