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Finding Treasures In The Oddest of Places


It's always so funny when you discover something. Especially if it's in a place you never expected. Just recently, I found very interesting artifacts inside my home. It helped that I inherited the house from my parents. And little did I know, my dad had his own treasures inside the home. 

There was a small closet that was between the master bedroom and the bathroom. My parents never really stored anything there. A few of my old toys, their old records, and so on. But little did I know, however, they also stored some items in the walls. And all throughout my life, I never knew they did that. It was like their own little secret. You know when, in spy movies, when the characters would tilt a book and it would open secret shelves full of weapons? It felt like that when I first discovered the items. It was great! 

But, perhaps, what I found would probably garner more interest. It had some of their most precious items, mementos from their youth. However, there was one thing that really shocked me. There was a stack of posters I saw that was really special. They were posters of the iconic Woodstock festival back in 1969. It was a roll of them, all featuring a fun image of the audience having a wild time during the festival. Ahh to be part of that! It would have been amazing. And had I seen my parents look like that, that would have been great! 

What surprised me most was that they were all signed. A few of the amazing acts of that festival gave their autographs on the poster. John Sebastian was one, Richie Havens was another. And these legends signed all of the posters. Ugh! If I could have seen my dad's face, asking them for their autographs. I wish they had iPhones then. Firstly, if they did, my folks wouldn't bug me as much on how to use them. And secondly, they would have snapped a lot of photos of the festival. My dad would have probably gotten a selfie with these music icons too! 

Thank goodness I went snooping inside the small closet when I moved in. I wouldn't have found this stack of priceless memorabilia if I didn't! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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