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"Bad Boys" Will Always Be Bad Boys!

You can never really beat a classic! The 90s brought us some of the best duos the movie industry has ever seen. I was particularly keen on Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for "Bad Boys." They looked so badass that I looked up to them a lot. And it wasn't until their reunion that I finally got the courage to approach them. 


It was during a special reunion event for the cast of the original "Bad Boys" film. Of course, Smith and Lawrence were there, but also Tea Leoni, Joe Pantoliano, Theresa Randle, and Tcheky Karyo. It was amazing seeing all of them together again that night. Unfortunately, not all of them returned for the subsequent sequel films of the franchise. So this was my only chance to get to talk to them (I work as an entertainment journalist) and get their autographs. I wasn't going to miss this opportunity! No way! 


I was lucky that, at the time, I worked for a big-name publication. Because of it, I was able to get some alone time with the cast. They shared all sorts of stories about making the film, the craziness behind the scenes, how starring in the first movie impacted their lives, their careers after the movie came out, and the like. I even noticed that Smith and Lawrence really felt like two good friends even off-screen. Perhaps the saying really is true: (bad) boys will be (bad) boys! Lol! 


After the interview, since I was the last member of the press to talk to them, we had a bit of a break before they left and went on to meet the fans. It was at that time that I took my shot! I asked them if it'd be alright if I were to get their autographs since they were already there and they all agreed! Man, it was amazing! I honestly would have thought that they'd say no or at least only a couple of them would say yes. But most of them said they'll be happy to! I went to get the movie posters I had with me (by chance that they'd say yes to my crazy request) and asked the cast to sign them! 


The first one I gave them to was Will Smith and I sure am glad as hell I did! Smith, being the nice guy that he is (yes, he's as nice in-person, very much like how he is on talk shows and such) signed all of my posters. Not just one, not just a couple, but all of them! And it was because of that that the rest of the cast all took their time to sign all of the posters. It really caught me off-guard. Sure, I was hoping they'd sign all of them but I thought that was just wishful thinking. I never would have imagined they'd actually all signed everything. And it was all thanks to the incredible Will Smith! 


Even until now, I'm still a huge fan of "Bad Boys." I probably never meet guys that are as badass as these ones! Not in the movies and definitely not in real life! 

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