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Winning A Hard-Drawn Battle All For The Prince of Pop!

Partaking in an auction is so much fun. Of course, you'll need a lot of money for it, but becoming the highest bidder for something completely priceless is exhilarating! More so if it becomes an all-out bidding war! Defeating your rivals is just as sweet, if not more than winning the item itself. 

But when I won a whole collection of signed Michael Jackson posters, it was definitely both! I won't it against this arrogant prick who thinks he's already owned everything. Granted he already has a lot in his collection of memorabilia, defeating his smug behind for these priceless posters was as sweet as honey. Especially since I know he's just as big a Michael Jackson fan as I am. Earlier that same day, he already bought a few amazing memorabilia from the Prince of Pop. I just spoiled it for him, even if it's just a little bit, with my win. 

It was at a known vintage shop near my place. This was no ordinary vintage shop. They usually sold some priceless antiques and memorabilia, some of which were owned by icons. I've bought a few gems from them as well, and it's often been my favorite place to buy Michael Jackson memorabilia. But at this auction, they needed to get rid of many of their priceless stock so, throughout the day, it was one bidding war after another. 

As I already mentioned, this "rival" of mine was the big winner of the day so far. He bought a lot of antiques and signed memorabilia that fit his seemingly infinite budget. "It looks like I already owned the store!" he quipped. And that really pissed me and some other people off. So when it was time to auction off the Michael Jackson posters, perhaps the only memorabilia of is that day that he signed, I knew I had to fight hard. 

The battle was intense but that was the fun of it. It came to a point that it was only me and him that was left bidding for the posters. However, at some point, I already felt that he was starting to bluff. As for me, it was the only item I had bid in the day so far, so I still had a lot of money on hand. But, apparently so did my "rival." The prices were getting higher and higher and I was losing confidence. 

Fortunately, however, a kind soul wanted me to win. Maybe not because of me, per se, but because he wanted my rival to lose. When it came down to final prices, a gentleman whispered into my ear, go for a higher price, I'll help you pay for them. And so I did, and to our complete and utter surprise, I won! I shook my rival's hand, though he gripped mine a bit too hard out of anger, which was so sweet I could have let him do it to me again and again! 

When I finally got my posters, I gave a few to my helpful gentleman. I also framed one for my place. And now, the rest are on this platform! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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