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Why You Should Watch "Narcos" on Netflix

There are just some shows that sort of takes your breath away. You get hooked so much that you feel really f**ked up in the head when you're not watching it. And in this day and age, with all the technological advancements in our disposal, such are the marks of quality television. Netflix has a ton of these sorts of shows on offer. They're pretty riveting stuff, especially "Narcos". 

Now, this is a show that's worth watching again and again. It's modern-day television at its finest! How so? These points might convince you. 

It’s Based on A True Story

In a nutshell, "Narcos" is all about the infamous Pablo Escobar and his drug cartel. It tells the story of his most notorious reign on the South American drug rin and how two DEA agents were tasked to bring him down. Sounds exciting, right? Even more so since it's all almost true. Escobar really did exist, and for a time, he was the most wanted man in the whole world. Today, his infamous name lives on through this outstanding series. 

Incredible Casting

Seeing Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar will give you chills. He inhabits the role like no other, so much so that you might often forget that this was actually a real person. Even better is that Moura is also, actually, from Brazil. He once admitted he didn't speak a single word of Spanish prior to working on this project. Similarly, Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook were stand-outs as Javier Peña and Steve Murphy respectively. These castings and many others were top-notch! 

Powerful Acting

It's not enough that these actors looked like their real-life counterparts, however. It's also up to them to seem convincing as the real figures. Fortunately, most of the actors hired here were sublime. Moura was chilling as Escobar; almost made you feel like he was alive again. Meanwhile, Holbrook and Pascal made for convincing agents who didn't take s**t from anybody. They were there to do their jobs and were complete bada**es at it, very much like the real agents. 

It’s Exciting and Action-Packed

If the whole premise is about two agents taking down a notorious drug lord, of course, it will be action-packed. But to say it was is just a f**king understatement. There were many gun-shooting and a**-whooping in "Narcos" that it will satisfy any action-lover out there. And the fact the most of the sequences were based on real-life events make them even better. Such scenes are what made the Netflix show the indelible hit that it was! 

All About the Drug Cartel

It's never a bad thing to receive an education. And with "Narcos," you'll get to learn all about the drug cartel. One of the most dangerous gangster systems in South America, and in fact, around the world, the show often went into detail about just how sinister it really was. It presented the power Escobar and his like had at the time, as well as the dangerous influence he had over other people. And what's even more sinister is that the drug cartel is still on-going to this day! 

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Looking for the right show to chill with? Look no further with “Narcos.” it’s a binge-worthy show that’ll leave you breathless! 

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