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Why It's Not Weird To Love Animated Films as An Adult

I am a film-lover, and as such, I appreciate all films. While I admit there are some shit movies out there, I recognize that this is a high-caliber art form. This, of course, also includes animated films. As an adult, I love animated films and I'll never be ashamed to admit that. Why? Here are some reasons. 

It’s Art!

No, not every drawing is a piece of art. I'm not a simple-minded idiot to have that mentality. But I do recognize that animated films are art. From the beautiful imagery to their fascinating stories, these films are just as artistic as French independent films that are really more porn than anything else. Take Spirited Away, for instance, a beloved Studio Ghibli film by the great Hayao Miyazaki. Its story is so rich and complex and the animation is so intricate that it deserves a special Oscar of its own. And we're lucky we got the English cast to sign our poster of it. We just wish we got Mr. Miyazaki's autograph too! 


Messages are Just as Deep

Don't tell me you watched "Inside Out" and not realize just how deep its message was! The film itself is proof that not all animated films are cutesy and simple. They are intellectually and emotionally challenging too, at times even taxing, like "Inside Out." This movie simplified the complexities of the human psyche and its evolution. It touched on mental health in a tender way. Not a lot of live-action films can run that deep! So the next time someone accuses you of stupidity because you love animated films, let them watch this film! Better yet, show off a movie poster with the cast's autographs too! 


They’re Comforting

People have different ways to comfort themselves. I am one of many that watch animated films, especially ones like Aladdin. This 1992 Disney classic never fails to bring a smile on my face and make me feel all warm inside. And it's all thanks to Mr. Robin Williams. I dare say, I consider this as his best performance. From all the impersonations he did to the subtle moods of Genie, he was unstoppable in it. I'd have his autograph on this movie poster any day! And I have to say, this is funnier and more comforting to watch than any old Adam Sandler movie! (Sorry, man!) 


Filmmakers Worked Harder on Them

Did you know that the original 1995 Toy Story movie took about four to five years to make? And while the latest Toy Story 4 film took approximately a year, it's safe to assume the animators worked double time on it! I always thought that animated filmmakers worked harder than live-action ones. They'd have to come up with such works of art. I bet even the worst animated film required more effort than the most awarded independent film. And this is no shade to standard filmmakers, it's just the way it is. That's why I'm proud to have autographed posters of the Toy Story films in our collection. 


Who Gives a F*ck!?

There comes a time in every person's life where he/she has to just say, "Who gives a f*ck!?" This is one of them! You love animated movies, so what!? What's it to others if you prefer Pixar than Paramount? As long as you don't annoy them by always insisting on watching animation when they want to watch something else for a change, you're fine! It's your film preference and you shouldn't feel ashamed about it. The only f*ck you should ever give is a big FU to those who think you're weird! Don't worry, you're not! 

Don’t be ashamed for loving animated films, movie-lover. You’re just as legit as those die-hard Scorcese fans! 


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