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What Makes Gloria Pritchett is the Funniest Character in "Modern Family"

There have been many sitcom characters that have resonated with audiences throughout TV history, but none were quite like Gloria Pritchett. This feisty and spirited woman breathes so much life into the ABC hit series "Modern Family" that's she's undoubtedly its funniest character, And this is a feat in of itself as the cast (and their characters) are all hilarious as hell. 

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Sofia Vergara's 'Gloria' just has certain qualities that others don't. What are they, you may ask? Well, here are some worth highlighting. 


Her Accent

Now, before you SJW keyboard warriors get my head for this, let me explain. Vergara's approach of exaggerating her Latina accent for her portrayal as Gloria was a great move. In fact, some of the greatest sitcom characters of the past had their own special accents that made them stand out. Gloria isn't any different. The way she mispronounces some words and how some of the other family members can't understand her always guarantee a few laughs! 

Her Latina Spirit

Similarly, its Gloria's Latina spirit that sets her apart from the other characters. Say what you want about Latina women, you can't deny that they're tough b**ches who you don't want to mess with. Gloria, despite having bonded well into a caucasian family, is still that way. And it's the friction between this seemingly cookie-cutter family and Gloria's vivacious Latina Spirit that always make for great television. "I'm Latina so I'm still allowed to get crazy," Gloria once said. Yes, she is! 


How She Jumps To Conclusion

Like with any other great sitcom character, Gloria is one to always jump to conclusions. Whether it's with her young son Manny or with her husband Jay, she's not one to often stop and think. She always used her head (and mouth) to get into all sorts of trouble, and that why we're all here for it! However, to her credit, at times she's also right. Case in point: when she suspected Sonia of seducing Jay. Spoiler alert, she was! 

Her Quirks

Some of the funniest moments in the show are when Gloria gets to show her quirks. When Jay put in a dog butler sculpture in their house, she'd always forget that it was there and would make the funniest shocking reactions to it. Or when she was early fora party for Jay, which she didn't want to because she wanted to make an entrance. Every time the other family members entered the venue, she pretended to walk in again just to hear their compliments. 

Her Laugh

And finally, perhaps the most charming part about Sofia Vergara's portrayal of Gloria, her laugh. It's a distinct and loud laugh that other characters understandably are annoyed of hearing, but for us, it's just music. The likes of Janice (from "Friends") and Fran Fine (from "The Nanny") are marked by their distinct laughs. There's no doubt Gloria Pritchett is right up there in with the sitcom heavyweights! 

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Whenever you watch the ABC’s “Modern Family,” make sure to watch out for the gem that is Gloria Pritchett. She’ll leave you laughng out loud after every episode! 

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