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Warning: Meeting The Vamps Will Make You Faint

I'm honestly quite serious about my warning in the title. I've met them myself and, as what the title says, I fainted. Sure it may sound stupid to you now, but if you've ever been up close and personal with your future husbands (yes, with an s!), I guess you'd faint too, right? 

Anyways, so here's the story. My friend Dina invited me to her house for a week. She and her family had just moved into a new home, so she wanted me to check it out and stay for a while. Thank goodness my parents granted me permission. Whilst there, we did all what normal teen girls you age then would do. We talked all night, went to the mall, hung out with friends, etc. Little did I know, however, that apparently, Dina had a surprise for me. Her folks actually bought us tickets to see The Vamps concert live in our hometown. 

I was thrilled, of course, and suddenly remembered that I had some The Vamps posters in my room I could get signed. I called my mom up and asked her if Greg, my older brother, could drive the posters to Dina's house so I could bring them to the concert. Luckily, Greg had a thing for Rachel, Dina's sister, so instead of getting annoyed at his little sister, he was more than thrilled to do what I asked. But unfortunately for both of them, Dina's parents asked them to chaperone us to the concert instead cause they suddenly had an emergency with Dina's grandparents. 

Still, when I peeked at them during the concert, they seemed to have a good time. Greg and Rachel weren't huge The Vamps fans so they spent the entire time making out. Gross, right? I know! I was just glad my brother wasn't pissed at me for having dragged him to the concert too. Anyways, the boys were amazing! They sounded exactly the same live as they do on their CDs. some haters would say they lipsynced but whatever! I knew they are really just that talented! 

Dina and I got so excited that we became one of the first ones to fall in line for the meet-and-greet. And when it was finally our turn, it happened. I got so excited that I actually fainted. Dina was there to catch me, thank God, but it was still so embarrassing fainting in front of the band. Fortunately, her mom gave Rachel some smelling salts for emergency and they helped me recover consciousness again. I asked for their autographs, hoping they'd forget the whole thing and we went on our way home. 

To this day, Greg still gives me shit about what happened. But I don't care! I got The Vamps' autographs on my posters! Not just one, but all of them! Yay me!!! 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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