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Top 5 Reasons Michael Corleone Is the Scariest Movie Gangster of All Time

Apart from many things, Francis Ford-Copolla's "The Godfather" is a testament to Al Pacino's acting. His 'Michael Corleone' is one of the most complex characters in movie history. He's also the scariest gangster. There are reasons why he's more dangerous than any thug played by other actors. Here are the top 5 of them.

He’s Intelligent

Muscly and brawny gangsters have nothing on those with bigger brains in their heads. What makes Michael Corleone so scary is that he is so smart. He strategizes so well that almost none of his enemies can get at him. And if they do get the upper hand, it's safe to expect that Don Corleone will already have an idea in mind for his revenge. He never even gets his hands that dirty. He's smart enough to leave the dirty part of the mafia game to his henchmen. For him, the head of the family means being the brains of the family, of which he has a lot!

He’s Attractive

Al Pacino is a handsome guy. So much so that even an autographed poster from him will make women squeal. But what makes his attractiveness as Michael Corleone so scary is that he makes you feel like he's approachable. With his big, emotional eyes, chiseled features, and sophisticated demeanor, you'd probably think that you're safe. But no, you're never always safe with Don Corleone. If he was able to slap the spirt out of his now-wife in "The Godfather 2, what's stopping him from doing worse things to anyone else? So remember, as much as good looks are inviting, you never know what kind of person likes behind that face!

He’s Quiet 

You know the saying, "Never trust the quiet guys"? Well, it applies to the head of the Corleone family. Quite rarely does Michael Corleone scream. When he does, it's always preceded and succeeded by somber tones in his speech. The scene where he confronts Frank Pentangeli in "The Godfather 2" perfectly illustrates. Though he has his outbursts, it's his quieter monologues that'll make you feel more afraid. You can't help but feel that, as he speaks silently or even stays silent, he might already be planning your funeral.  So when he's speaking gently, know that that is when he's most dangerous! 

He’s Full of Surprises

Like his father, Don Vito Corleone, Michael is full of surprises too. Though he's not one to put a horse's head on your bed, he attacks slowly but surely. Just like his quietness, you never really know where you stand with him. He might be telling you that all is forgiven because you married to his sister but then lets his right-hand man kill you inside a car moments after. He might assure you that he'll never kill you because you're his dearest brother, but everyone knows what happened to Fredo in the sequel!  Life is full of surprises, but when it concerns Michael Corleone, it's a life-or-death situation!

He Has A Conscience

Perhaps the most dangerous part about him is that he has a conscience. Throughout all the monstrosities that he did in all three films, he knew full well that what he was doing was wrong. And yet, he went through with all of them. The hunger for power was so strong in him that, in a way, he became way worse than his father. He was able to kill his own blood because of it. Yet, as seen in "The Godfather III," he knew full well how awful that was! Michael Corleone had a conscience, but he killed people anyways! 

If you think your favorite movie gangster is more dangerous than Michael Corleone, think again! This character is way more complex than you might realize. And because of Al Pacino’s superb performance in all three films of the franchise, he’ll live on as one of the greatest characters in film history! 


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