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There's A Chill In The Air!

I was never one to embrace remakes but I decided to give the new "Sabrina" series, "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," a try. I'm a huge fan of the comic book franchise and the late 90s sitcom so I was fascinated with how they'll do it this time around. Oh, and I met the new cast as well! 

Caught your attention with my last sentence, didn't I? Yes, it's true, I had the privilege of seeing the new cast in person. Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto, and more! What I liked about the new 'Sabrina' (Shipka) and Harry (Lynch) is that they really look like teenagers. I'm not entirely sure what the real ages of these actors are, but compared to Melissa Joan Hart and Nate Richert, these two make a more convincing teenage pair. And I'm a bit familiar with their previous work too, Shipka with "Mad Men" and Lynch with his Disney Channel shows. 

What I like most about the new cast is that they're pretty nice people. At least, pretty nice to fans, that is! I met them during the red carpet premiere for the series where my friend dragged me to get some posters signed. I joined on the condition that I get to have a few posters myself to keep and sell online. All through the night, the cast was being interviewed left and right, photographs screaming at them to pose for the cameras, and fans just shrieking their lungs out! If I were in their position, I'd get pretty overwhelmed. 

But they weren't! I was especially impressed with the younger actors at how composed they were throughout the night! When Shipka, Lynch, and Jaz Sinclair (the only younger cast members we got autographs from that night) signed our posters, they remained nice, polite, and very personable. Not to sound cliche, but I really did feel a chill in the air when I interacted with all of them!  It was as if they were trained to withstand all this hoopla. Well, if they want to be big stars, they have to! For me, they all scored A+! 

Though at that time, I was still hesitant to watch the new series, the cast members impressed me so much that I decided to check the first episode at least. But before I knew it, I had binge-watched the entire thing! I honestly thought it'd be as fluffy and funny as the original sitcom (despite what the trailers showed which didn't convince me!) but it was dark, horrific, gory, and everything I've wanted witch-related shows to be! From the first episode alone, I got hooked! 

I'm so glad I went with my friend to meet the cast of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." It's now my new favorite show and I can't wait for the next season! The title says it all, the series is "chilling!" 


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