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The Most Unique Disney Animated Films to Inspire Your Imagination

Disney is so good at making animated films that they always become classics. Even when it was just released a few years ago, the impact it gives viewers, both young and old, is akin to one given by films from decades ago. But these days, Pixar, in particular, knows how to churn 'em out real good. Their films with Disney are some of the most unique that the decades-old studio company has ever released. Some of the most noteworthy ones are right here. 


Ever looked at a car, luxury sportscar at that, and thought that this would make a cute cartoon character? Well, the animators behind "Cars" did and thank goodness for that. We wouldn't have had one of the best redemption stories in any animated film if their imaginations weren't running. Now, we're introduced to such beloved characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, Doc Hudson, Sally, Flo, and more! And what a great way to incorporate racecar driving in a Disney film too! Thanks to them, every time you see a car, you remember those adorable big-eyed cutie pies on-screen! 




Perhaps the deepest film in the bunch, Wall-E foreshadowed a very possible world where humans left and destroyed the Earth. If we continue our damaging ways, the world Wall-E lives in is very much our future. And what's worse is we haven't even built a spaceship yet to fit all our future fat a**es! So if the world goes down, we're going down with it. Of course, Disney can't show that in an animated film, so the best dystopic world they can show is our species turning into lazy mountains of fat. But it’s still a future I don't want to have! 

Big Hero 6

What makes Big Hero 6 stand out is that it's not your ordinary superhero flick. It's not where a simple guy suddenly gets powers, learns how to use them, and saves the day. Life is a lot more complex than that, even for animated characters. And so, in this Disney Pixar flick, what prompts the heroes to don their suits and save the world is both the death of a beloved character and the need to help others. It also has a deep showing of familial love and the depths people would take for it. No other Disney superhero film has this maturity and complexity. 



Inside Out

Depression in a Disney film? Why yes, it's "Inside Out!" When talking about mature Disney animated films, this one takes the cake. But it also proves that talking about serious matters, like mental health, doesn't have to be dark and bleak. The representation of mental health was still child-friendly and very approachable. There was no suicide, no traumatic experiences—none of those dark cinematic elements. Just a good old-fashioned buddy comedy filled with funny characters and lots of adventure. It's a great film to teach your kids about self-expression and the importance of a healthy mind and spirit. 

With every animated film that they make, they keep on pushing the envelope of the possibilities for children's animation. Maybe this is why their live-action films are mostly remakes? All the best ideas are in animation? Possibly! 



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