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The Most Important Battle On Screen

Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Martina Navratilova—these great female athletes would be nobodies if not for the legendary Billie Jean King! Her strength, dedication, and activism inspired me to this day. That's why I was so happy they made a movie about one of her most important matches ever! 

"Battle of The Sexes" was all about the famous match between King and Bobby Riggs. One was fighting for all women who want to pursue and excel in sports while the other was fighting to relive his glory days. In the end, King was victorious and changed, not just tennis, but the entire athletic world as a result! It's a story that was practically made for the movies so it didn't surprise me that it'd have its own eventually. What did surprise me, however, was who they cast as the iconic tennis players. I never would have thought Emma Stone and Steve Carell would be great as king and Riggs respectively! 

I went to the movie premiere and saw, not just the actors, but the legendary Billie Jean King herself! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get her autograph! That would have been amazing! Still, I got the cast members to sign my posters so I didn't go home empty-handed! 

Upon meeting Emma Stone in person, I instantly understood why she was cast as King. She had the same charm and humble aura as the legendary athlete. Seeing them together felt like I was looking at a mother-and-daughter pair. Stone really captured King's mannerisms, way of speaking, and, of course, her spunk! And although she's now a big movie star, she was also so nice! Like, I didn't expect an actress to be as personable as her! I didn't feel a hint of ego with her! She just happily signed my posters and smiled at me when she was done! 

The same goes for Carell too! Now, this was a Hollywood icon that's completely underrated. I'm glad he's been getting the right recognition lately and I was so sure he'd get, at the very least, an Oscar nomination for his performance here. Alas, it didn't happen! Nevertheless, he was also an incredibly nice celebrity and had no qualms signing my posters. Man, I wish all famous people were like these two! I've met my fair share of celebrities since I've been hounding for autographs for a while now and there's really only a little more than a handful of stars who are as nice as Stone and Carrell! 

"Battle of The Sexes" will forever be an important movie to me! And I'm so glad I was able to get the autographs of its two talented leads! Though I still wish I got the actual sports legend's autographs too! 


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