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The Impact "Orange Is The New Black" Has on Society

Whether you like it or not, "Orange Is The New Black" has been one of the most impactful shows in modern history. Hell, this comedy series practically put Netflix on the map! And its unorthodox premise is something other TV execs will copy years from now. Even when a lot of other great TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime show came into the mix, 'OITNB' is still a bonafide hit season after season. 

So, before we officially say goodbye to it before its seventh and final season premiere, let's breakdown what this series has contributed to society. 

A Look into Prison Violence

Sure, "Prison Break" did it first but "OITNB" did it just as well. Every fight, brawl and even murder in a prison were depicted, albeit slightly exaggerated, in this groundbreaking series. And even though this show wasn't the first nor will it be the last to show it, the fact that they still did is highly important. This is a part of society that rarely gets highlighted. And even though they're criminals, they also don't deserve violence every day of their lives. 

Transgender Visibility

Before Laverne Cox's star-making performance here as Sophie Burnet, transgendered women were extremely rare in show business. For an industry known for its queerness, they sure did our trans sisters dirty! But not anymore! Thanks to Cox and her role as a trans woman inmate, suddenly Hollywood opened up other trans folks. She opened up the door for others to see and accept that transgendered people exist, their lives matter, and that they deserve to be given as much attention as any cisgender person out there. 

Mainstream Lesbian Relationships

No matter how many loveteams Netflix rams into our mouths with their rom-coms and teen series, Piper and Alex will always be the OG! Eat their pu****s bi****s!! But seriously, it was absolutely refreshing seeing lesbians be the main couple for once. Gay men already had their day with "Will & Grace," "Modern Family," and possibly even "Nip Tuck." But gay women? Now you have 'OITNB!!" Thanks to these girls, and many other lesbian relationships in the series, gay women now have the spotlight! 

Display of Harassment

You probably hate George "Pornstache" Mendez just as much as the next person. And while that's a testament to Pablo Schreiber's talent on portraying sinister characters, it's also because he's the very symbol of harassment in this female-centric show. From his abuse of power to the female inmates to even sexually harassing one of them, his character was an important part of the series. He was the hard truth of the type of harassment inmates, both male, and female, experience in prison. 


Limelight on Dangerous Women

You can't deny these women are bada**! They'd have to be to not only get into prison but survive it as well! If you still think that men are not as powerful as women, you're fu**ed up if you ever see any of these ladies on the street. Thank your lucky stars they're still incarcerated! But even beyond their criminal and violent pasts, their strength and passion in the series are just as dangerous. Dangerous to those who think they can one-up a bada** bi***!  

Don’t miss out on the incredible show that is “Orange Is The New Black”. Their seventh season will be their final season! 


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