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The Best Unlikely Pairing In The Movies 

Johnny Depp, famous for his quirky roles and kooky characters. Armie Hammer, a beautiful man of chestnut brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Though both are equally handsome, these two actors couldn't be farther apart from each other. So who would have thought they'd make the best unlikely duo in "The Lone Ranger." 

A comedy western of sorts, "The Lone Ranger" combined Depps' signature quirkiness with Hammer's dashing yet comedic chops. What resulted was a truly entertaining film that reminded me of what made western movies such a hit back in the day. As well as proof that even the most handsome of actors can do comedy! The unlikely pairing made for a truly hilarious lead duo, especially since both their extremely different personalities clashed well on screen. I have to say, that's another amazing part of the movie. I've always enjoyed kooky pairings like this. 

With that said, when I met both actors in person during the movie's premiere, I realized that they weren't that different in the first place. Or rather, despite what many would perceive as a clash of personalities, theirs seemed to mesh well together, almost making it seem like they were just two sides of one coin. Both had mad charisma, amplifying the screams of fans and admirers alike as they posed on the red carpet. They also both had charming personalities, while Depp's was a lot more humorous, Hammer's was a lot more princely. 

As for me, what I loved most about them was how open they were to fans. I asked them to sign my "The Lone Ranger" movie posters and they didn't even hesitate to sign all of them. I didn't ask them to sign all of them but they did it anyway. They took the time to sign on each one and that really left a mark on me. I'm sure I wasn't the only fan who received such kindness, but having been the recipient mattered just the same. From then on, I started to like them, not for their looks or talent, but for their generosity with fans too. 

Their kindness helped me get the courage to ask the other cast members, many of whom were Hollywood icons, for their autographs as well. Out of all of them, Helena Bonham-Carter intimidated me the most. Now here's an actress that you really can't pinpoint and describe accurately. But then again, that's the best part about here. Fortunately, she was as nice as Depp and Hammer and signed every single one of my posters too. It proved to me that you really can't judge a book by its cover! 

From that point on, "The Lone Ranger" became an even more special movie for me. I already liked it from the get-go, but knowing just how awesome the cast is helped me enjoy it even more! 

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