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The Badass Women of “Wonder Woman Bloodlines”

Wonder Woman will always be my favorite superhero. Not just that we're both women, but also because I've always been fascinated with her story. The fact that she came from a different planet full of equally strong women. And yet she chose to live and save this one that barely gives its own women the respect we deserve. 

Apart from my own feminist views, she's simply a kick-ass superhero. Apart from the DCEU movies starring Gal Gadot, I've also been following animated projects surround Wonder Woman. Just recently, "Wonder Woman Bloodlines" premiered, and I had the chance to meet the cast in all their heroic glories! 

I work as an assistant for a producer of a media company that, among other things, talk about comic books and movies and TV shows adapted from them. Just my luck that on the exact same day my friend, who knows a lot of connections in the comic book world, gave me a few copies of the movie's poster, it was also when the cast went to our studio to talk about the movie. 

I was in awe of them all! Rosario Dawson, Marie Avregopoulos, Adrienne C. Moore, etc! Some of these women I've watched on screen or on TV all my life! I was so excited to see them take on a Wonder Woman project! And they shared some pretty interesting insights on their characters and on the film as well! After the interview, I approached them shyly and asked for all of their autographs. To my surprise, most of them were happy to do it! I laid the posters out on a table and they signed each and every one. I was already in heaven at that point! 

The film, as expected, was great! I encourage all you Wonder Woman fans to go see it! It may not be Gal Gadot, but there are still some pretty badass women in this film too! 


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