Peter Rabbit Has A Talk Show!

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Now there's something you probably never thought you'd ever read! Can you imagine it? A tiny rabbit having his own talk show, hopping about while chatting. Not gonna like, I'd watch that! Anyways, what I meant, of course, is that the new voice of the iconic Peter Rabbit has a talk show, and it's James Corden! 

My little nephew from London absolutely adores him (Peter Rabbit, not James Corden), and so for his birthday, I wanted to give him a poster signed by Corden himself. He does know the talk show host a bit, and he loves listening to him because he reminds him of his favorite funny bunny. 

I asked helped form many of my connections to Hollywood to be able to meet him, but they were all in vain. I simply had to go to his show, watch them film an episode, and go to him afterward during a brief meet-and-greet he does every night. It wasn't that I didn't like him nor his show, it's just I'm not a fan of watching talk show tapings in general. The way they force audiences to clap for certain things, it's a little too controlling and fake for my taste. 

Anyways, for my little nephew, I'd do just about anything. My girlfriend got us tickets to see an episode, a few major celebs went there, and we did your standard clapping and cheering. If it weren't for the amazing guests, I would have probably hated it. But, I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed the experience.

Afterward, I and my girlfriend went to the stage door and got Corden's autograph. For most of our copies, he only just signed his name. But there was a special copy that I asked him to sign, as 'Peter Rabbit,' to my little nephew. To this day, that poster still hangs in his bedroom! 

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