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Meeting The New Ghostbusters

Leave it to the men with small... small men, basically, to dismiss a reboot simply because they turned their favorite ghost-busting foursome to women. How pathetic. I, for one, loved the 2016 reboot of "Ghostbusters" and thought that Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Leslie Jones, and especially Kate McKinnon were all hilarious! 


I've been a big fan of all four women even before they starred in the reboot so when they got cast as the new 'Ghostbusters,' I was elated! So much so that I even went to the red carpet premiere and met the new foursome myself. Even better, I got their autographs! It was my first venture into hounding for autographs again since I stopped for a bit after getting a new job and starting a new family. And it couldn't have been more appropriate. At the time, I just had a daughter and with the hate these women were receiving from men, I wanted to support them as much as possible. 


It also helps that I'm a huge fan of the "Ghostbusters" franchise and I was pumped that it was going back to the big screen. Thanks to my wife, who not only let me go even though we just had a newborn but even went so far as to get me some copies of the movie poster through her connections, I went to the premiere hoping to get some autographs and meet these phenomenal women! 


In fact, phenomenal doesn't even begin to describe them. I've seen how harsh and how awful people were about them online and yet, at that premiere, they were all smiles as if nothing was going on. It showed me just how strong women are. I was already shown that fact when I watched my wife give birth, but then seeing these women—constantly insulted just by doing their work and advancing their careers—really drove it home for me. I was happiest for Melissa McCarthy too! People are so quick to dismiss her just because she's a comedy actress who's plus-size. Do they forget that she's also an Academy Award-nominated actress? 


Getting her and Kristin Wiig's autographs was the highlight of that night (apart from the movie too, of course!). I've been a fan of both since "Bridesmaids" (of which McCarthy was nominated for an Oscar as I would like to point out again). And, of course, Wiig has been one of the funniest women to ever be part of SNL's cast! That's a legend right there! 


When talking about the funniest women on SNL, however, as good as Wiig was, no one can take on Kate McKinnon. She was the type that had even her co-stars and the celebrity hosts laughing and breaking! I was so happy to have gotten her autograph. Just like on-screen, she was a ray of sunshine! You just feel instantly good being around her! The same goes for Leslie Jones! Sure, she has that "mad woman" schtick going on but in real life? The girl's a sweetheart! 


I loved the old Ghostbusters and the new Ghostbusters. We get two for the price of one! Why is everyone so sour about that? Anyways, these women were great so the haters can just suck it! 


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