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Meeting Shrek at The Oscars!

Out of all the people I could have met, and wanted to meet, 'Shrek' might be the last on anyone's list. But the movie was just so good, and Mike Myers was so great in the role, that he, among others, was who I wanted to see at the 2002 Oscars. 

It was a special edition of the Oscars for "Shrek" and other animated features. That year marked the first time that the Academy Award for 'Best Animated Feature Film' would be given out. With so many animated films that were released before that year, the nominees were so great and grand that the Academy had to create its own category for them. And which film won that night? "Shrek" of course! 

Their win made my getting Myers' autograph beforehand even more worth it. I had to scream at him a lot of times when he was on the red carpet. I had to get his attention even against a flurry of screaming photographers taking his picture. 

But you know what? I came out on top! He went over to me and my sister and signed all our copies of the movie poster. And because of him, the rest of the cast met with us as well! Without having planned it, we got most of the cast's autographs that night!

To this day, that night still remains one of my most memorable Oscars moments. I've met a few superstars these past few years, but meeting 'Shrek' was something else! 


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