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I Wouldn't Mind If These Guys Crashed My Wedding

Who wouldn't want to see the likes of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn crash your wedding? Even though they're not my favorite actors personally, I wouldn't mind having a celeb or two when I get married. Especially ones that aren't stuck up and are actually generous with giving out their autographs. 

Yes, you read that right! I've actually gotten these two comedy legends to sign my posters of their movie, "Wedding Crashers." I went to the premiere night of the film where most of the cast attended. It was a stellar cast too, with Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, Jane Seymour, and Bradley Cooper starring in it apart from Owens and Vaughn. But really, the two main leads were enough for me to get the posters and wiggle my way around the audience pit. As per usual, the event was loud, hectic, and stressful. But all the autographs I got made it all worth it! 

Everyone was nice in real life: McAdams was far from the "mean girl" that she's famous for (or at least famous for starring as), Fisher was a cutie-patootie, and Bradley Cooper, far from his leading man years, already had that charm and swag of a Hollywood heavyweight. All were nice, personable, and very accommodating to the fans. But the lives of the party were definitely Owens and Vaughn. It was clear, seeing them in real life, that these were seasoned stars. They didn't shy away from the spotlight and revelled in all the attention in a less annoying way than other celebrities. 

To my surprise, Vince Vaughn was hella charming! Again, I was never his biggest fan but I did admire him when I saw him in real life. He was far from the obnoxious personalities that he'd often play in his many rom-coms. And though he lacks in looks (no offense!), he makes up with his larger-than-life energy. Even when he's being gentle with fans—particularly the female fans!—you could still feel his charm creeping up at you and taking you by surprise. I'm a straight man myself and I was fully charmed by the bastard too! 

Owens, on the other hand, was every bit the shy and meek adorkable guy that he's known for. It's no wonder many of his movies were hits! And though I wasn't able to hear him say "gosh!" He's very much the same in real life as he is on-screen. He just has a lot more confidence though. Probably an influence from Vaughn? 

Anyways, what really struck me was how fun these guys seemed. I could tell their vibes were real even without the cameras. I've had my fair share of buddies who were exactly like Owens and Vaughn and I know when it's their real personalities. Even when I was asking for their autographs and they were signing my posters, I was almost tempted to invite them out for a beer. Creepy, I know, but that was to prove the extent of their, what the French call "joie de vivre!" 

And yes, whether I knew them personally or not, I would have minded if they crashed my wedding! Heck, I'd easily welcome them with open arms even if my bride will kill me afterward during the honeymoon! 


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