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Five Lady Gaga Hits You'll Probably Never Forget

If there's one pop star in the 2010s that you could say made a huge impact, that's definitely Lady Gaga.  She was unconventional in every sense of the word. Her sound was unique, her outfits her outrageous, and she developed her personality that was bigger than anybody else's. From when she debuted in 2008 to today, encompassing well over a decade, she continues to be an indelible force in pop culture. 

She's given some great hits that I know some of you will never forget. I know I won't! Here are five of them that I'm sure you could sing right off the bat! 


Lady Gaga's first single, "Just Dance" was still sort of normal by pop standards at the time. It was a dance hit, yes, but it was her second single, "Pokerface" that really introduced the unique phenomenon. It was here where she first incorporated strange sounds (who could ever forget "mah-mah-mah-mah"?) as a sort of equalizer in the track. And the music video? It was fabulously strange the way we know and love Gaga. Her platinum blonde hair and blue bodysuit there will always be iconic! 

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Bad Romance

Speaking of iconic, you can also throw "Bad Romance" in the category too. Now, this is where Gaga really went all out with the strange concepts and fabulous fashions. Similarly to "Pokerface," this single also used all sorts of weird chants to enhance the single, bu the strong beats and distinct dance moves were what sealed the deal. It was strange and new in the best possible way, from her Alexander McQueen outfits to the confusing storyline. And of course, that ending of Gaga in just sparking steel bra and corpse by her side on a king-sized bed. 


Born This Way

More than just an artist, Lady Gaga prides herself as an equal rights activist. she's especially close to the LGBTQ+ community, the people who first embraced her weirdness when she was just starting out. So what does she do as thank you? Give the gays what they want, of course! And that's a new anthem, "Born This Way" that speaks of loving oneself and never letting other people define your worth and purpose for living. To this day, it's still a staple in gay nightclubs all over the world. 

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Lady Gaga also doesn't' shy away from getting controversial. I fact, she almost revels in it. Perhaps one of her most controversial is "Judas," which takes its name off of one fo the most notorious figures in the Bible. Critics often think the song is all about worshipping Judas (or the devil, by association), but it's really not. The song compares lovers to Judas, and how even though they'd betray us, we'd still love and trust them. Similarly to how Jesus did himself. 



This list won't be complete without this Academy Award-winning song. And it's not just because the pop star's performance with Bradley Cooper at the Oscars may have caused the actor's breakup with model Irina Shayk. The song holds so much weight in their version of "A Star Is Born," and every time Gaga sings it, be it with Cooper or not, she inhibits Ally all over again. 

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