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Catching My "Prey" Across The Pond

You know, when you want to catch prey, you'll need all the help you can get! That's how I was able to do it when my own "prey" was all the way over across the pond. What "prey" may I talking about, you ask? The autographs of the cast of "Birds of Prey."


Even though I already live in LA and I can go to all sorts of red carpet events here, it's so frustrating when some movies chose to hold their premiered abroad. Incidentally, last January 2020, "Birds of Prey" held theirs in the UK. I was so bummed out about it because I've been wanting to get the cast's autographs, especially Margot Robbie. On the bright side, however, has been an autograph hound for so long, I sought help from my network of fellow hounds. This time around, I asked my colleague in London to get their autographs for me! 


Yes, if you're wondering at this point, such networks exist between autograph hounds. You never know when you'll be lucky enough to spot a celebrity near you! It's only natural that you form your own group of like-minded people to help you out! Concerning this particular endeavor, I'm lucky that my British colleague is also a fan of Margot Robbie so for him, this was hitting two birds with one stone. 


He told me everything about it! The premiere was solid, the fans were crazy, and the actors were hella beautiful. I got so jealous listening to him gushing just how stunning Robbie is in person. "Like a living Barbie doll!" he exclaimed. I sure hope to meet her someday! As for the rest of the cast, he also remembered Mary Elizabeth Winstead who he feels will be Hollywood's next big star. Ewan McGregor also stood out to him because he's a Star Wars geek. 


After a couple of weeks, around two months actually, I finally got my copies of the movie poster back. I was so shocked to see that practically everyone in the cast signed them. I just thought he only got the three actors he mentioned that one time to sign the posters. But no! I saw the autographs of the other members of the cast. Damn! London was so lit during the premiere when I saw it on TV. For him to have gotten all of these autographs then? I salute him! 


Now more than ever, with the pandemic still focusing all of us out of our autograph-hounding, having friends to do it for you matters a lot more. I miss doing it myself but then again, this is what friends are for, right? To help you catch your prey!

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.


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