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Billie Eilish Could Be A Model!

I'm just gonna outright say it, Billie Eilish can be a model. Those piercing eyes, those fine features, and that laid-back attitude? That's high fashion model material right there. I get that I may sound creepy as a guy in my 20s describing how attractive this teenager is. But having assisted in her photoshoot, I know firsthand what I'm talking about. 

I work for a famous photographer and he's shot countless models throughout his career. And I've helped in many of those shoots. He has shot Victoria's Secret angels, commercial models for ad campaigns, editorials for fashion magazines, and more. Having worked for him for quite some time now, I've become adept at recognizing pure modeling talent. And let me tell you, Billie Eilish has it! 

She was a bit awkward at first, like any other teenager, but when she got comfortable, boy did she shine! She really showed her true colors—and I don't mean that in a derogative way. I meant she opened up and showed her true cool and hip personality to us. In fact, she got so comfortable that during breaks, we'd practically hang out with her. I think the camaraderie we had got her to relax even more. 

Anyways, the shoot was for a magazine cover. And when it finally went on print, it sold like hotcakes. Her pictures even spread online, creating quite a frenzy on social media. To be honest, I myself was sort of proud of it. I was proud of the hard work I and the rest of the team had done for the issue. But also, I was proud that this young, cool, and really nice teenaged superstar was getting the attention she deserved. Hopefully, she grows up to be bigger than she already is now. And what happened, I'll be even prouder that I helped, albeit a tiny way, in her journey.

But you really wanna know just how cool a person Billie Eilish is? When we were slated to work with her again for a new photoshoot, I printed out a few copies of the magazine cover we worked on before. I wanted her to sign them and sell them off to earn a few extra bucks. And so when we met again, to my surprise, she recognized me. She recognized all of us in the team. And when I approached her during the break to ask for her autographs, she didn't hesitate at all. She just said, "sure!" and I handed her a pen and she signed every single copy. 

Her parents raised her right! And now, they've got a superstar for a daughter. That's probably the best example of good karma I'll ever know! 


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