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Appreciating An Underrated Gem - "Swallow"

It's a darn shame that "Swallow" isn't more popular than it is. The plot was unique, the acting was great, and I was riveted throughout all 94 minutes of it. Yes, there are no big Hollywood names that star in the film. Nor are there any behind-the-scenes either! But still, I loved the film so much that I asked for the cast's autographs anyways. 


I caught them at the 2019 Tribe Film Festival during its world premiere. Since I have a friend who was able to get me a few copies of the movie poster, I decided to ask for their autographs on them. At first glance, you'll really mistake the lead actress, Haley Benett, like Jennifer Lawrence. They're nothing alike in terms of popularity and personality, but the former holds her own in terms of beauty and grace. I'm not sure if this movie will be her big break but I do hope she'll get bigger soon! She was so nice on the red carpet and was kind enough to sign all my posters. 


Benett's leading man in the film, Austin Stowell, is every bit the matinee idol of this generation. It's just a shame he isn't more popular too. Looking like an all-American golden boy, it's likely his big break will come soon as well. And boy is he polite! Such a nice guy, very accommodating to us fans and even to the screaming paparazzi. When he came to me, it was actually he who asked to sign my posters. Not a lot of celebrities, no matter how popular they are, would do that. I really appreciated it. 


The last one I was able to get to was Denis O'Hare. Another underrated gem in Hollywood, he was kind enough to give his autograph on all of my posters too. He even commented on how surprised he was that I was able to get the copies even before the movie spread across the country. "I hope you like it!" he told me as he left, referring to the movie. I wish I could have met him again and said just how much I did! 


Hollywood, you have to keep a close eye on these underrated gems! Both "Swallow" and its cast are some of the best I've seen in the theater for a long time! And it's high time they get the recognition they deserve! 


Submitted by: Todd Grant


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