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An Epic Cast for an "Epic" Film!

Why isn't "Epic" treated like the masterpiece that is? It's got a great story, amazing animation, and perhaps, the greatest ensemble cast I've ever seen for an animated film! Like, the actors who lent their voices for the film are top-notch! So it's crazy to me that there isn't much love for "Epic" as there should be!

I mean, come on! Amanda Seyfried? Collin Ferrell? Jason Sudeikis? Christoph Waltz? Beyoncé-freakin'-Knowles!? These aren't just A-list stars, they're A+! And I met them all during the movie's Hollywood premiere! It was one of the best nights of my life, purely because I met, up close and personal, these celebrities. 

From what I could remember, Imy crush on Amanda Seyfried grew that night. I was already so charmed by her from "Mamma Mia," but seeing her big baby blues in real life just had me beat! Collin Ferrell, on the other hand, is just as handsome a devil as you'd think from watching him on-screen! 

Christoph Waltz felt like a distinguished gentleman. He was reserved and shy, but still exuded a sophisticated aura like nothing I've ever seen before. No wonder he's a multi-Academy Award-winning actor. As for Jason Sudeikis, all I can say is funny really is attractive. It's the only explanation I could think of on how he snagged the crazily beautiful Olivia Wilde to be his wife! Huge fan of the guy, but not gonna lie, my eyes were all on his wife! 

Then came Beyoncé! What could I say? Except maybe Queen! No wonder she played Queen Tara in the film. She does really well playing royals. I suggest Hollywood let her star in more films wherein she's a noblewoman! Her star power alone will have audiences going to the theater in droves! 

If you ever read this, do yourself a favor and watch "Epic." It's a well-made animated film that stars some of the finest entertainers of our time! 


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