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A Few "The Big Lebowski" Quotes To Live By

The Coen Brothers's "The Big Lebowski" is perhaps one of the most underrated films of all time. Sure, it's gotten a resurgence of popularity thanks to the internet and its love memes, but when it was showing, it wasn't as big as it should have been. And that's a shame because the film has a lot of f**king awesome moments that are not just meme-worthy, but Awards-worthy too! It also has a lot of quotes you can live by every day and a few of top-notch ones are: 

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” — The Dude

Think of it as a cool and collected way of saying 'F**k you!'. In these times that we are in, there's no sense wasting your time thinking about other people's bulls**t opinions. If you think something's good, then it's good. If you think something's bad, then it's bad. Don't let others define your views and your way of life. It's yours and yours alone. And if others don't approve of you also, well, that's just their opinion, man! 

“F*ck it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.” — Walter Sobchak

Even if you don't like bowling, go do something you want to do instead of doing things that make you bored and unhappy. Live a life full of f**k-its instead of what-ifs! Do you what you want to do and be you, boo! No one else will. And as long as what you want isn't illegal or won't harm other people, you're free to do it as you please. Remember, just say 'fu** it!' and you'll live a happier life! 


“Do you have to use so many cuss words?” — The Stranger

A bit ironic this quote is here. isn't it? Well, it's just a reminder that not everything has to involve a curse word and not everything has to be vulgar. Sure, it's fun to cuss and have such colorful language, but at times, it's best to conduct ourselves the way our parents raised us! It's not always cool to say curse words. In fact, if you're just saying them to seem cool, then that's pretty f**king pathetic! Oops... sorry! 

“This aggression will not stand, man.” — The Dude

Stand up the man, man! Don't let his aggression over you take over! Be the bigger man and don't let anyone step all over you. In times when the world may seem against you, always remember that you still have as much right to live on this Earth as any other guy out there! Never give in to violence and seem like the weaker ones in the lot. Always be strong, stand up for your self, and be the dude that even The Dude will be proud of! 

“I’m The Dude” - The Dude

Always know who you are. No matter what people call you (or no matter how people don't care at all what they call you), you're still you're own dude. This quote is all about confidence, the cool and collected kind Jeff Bridges portrayed in this film. It's simply standing your ground about who you are and what you mean to the people around you. Don't let others define who you are. No one knows you better than yourself, regardless of what they call you! 

This gem of a comedy film has more life lessons than you might realize! Watch it again and revel in the majesty of “The Big Lebowski.”

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