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6 Common Mistakes You Might Commit When Meeting a Celebrity

As an autograph hound, I've met a lot of celebrities in my time. And I'm already in my 50s so the people I met were truly stars! Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close. They were (and still are, in my opinion!) the greatest of them all. And many times, I embarrassed myself in front of them. I got their autographs, sure, but it wasn't before I made a complete ass of myself. If you want to get into autograph collecting, this is one thing you shouldn't do! 

Of course, you can't control what happens. And when you're so excited about meeting your favorite celebrity, you can't help but look like a complete idiot. Trust me, I feel like an expert already! Throughout all my years of autograph collecting, I learned a thing or two about making a fool of myself in front of the stars. Here are 6 mistakes I urge you not to commit!

Getting Too Close

Ever heard of personal space? Well, movie stars love it. I get it—they're big names in Hollywood. People getting all up in their faces is probably a normal occurrence to them. But just because they're used to it, it doesn't mean they like it. And they certainly don't appreciate it when a fan is already too close and is still asking for their autograph. I remember the time I got too close to Al Pacino. He gave me such a sour look, I really thought I'd be sleeping with the fishes that night. And as you might expect, he didn't give me his autograph that time. 

Taking Up Their Time

A celebrity's time is precious. They're busy filming, shooting, going on press junkets, doing photoshoots, and more. Even during my day, when social media didn't exist yet, the stars were already busy. Their schedules are jam-packed and whenever they can get some free time, you but your ass that they're relishing every second. Now, what if, during that free time, a fan comes up to them and takes up too much of their time? They just want a goddamn break! Do you really think they'd appreciate someone else wasting their time? Take it from me... they don't! 

Talking Too Much

At most, you only get a couple of minutes to interact with your favorite celebrity. If they're on the red carpet, that's even less so. So when you finally get to that moment, don't talk too much! This is a huge faux pas that many neophyte autograph hounds make. As I've already mentioned, most stars don't take it too kindly when fans take up too much of their time. And if you talk too much, that'll annoy them even more. At most, just ask for their autograph and go. But if you can still fit in a few more words, just tell them that you're a big fan. That's enough to let them know how much you love them. 

Looking Too Eager

Remember that celebrities are still human too. Imagine if, one day, while you're just minding your own business, a random person comes up to you and tells you just how excited they are to meet you. At first, you'd be flattered, sure, but as it goes on and they look overeager, you'll feel uncomfortable, right? Well, the stars will feel the same! As happy as they are to meet their fans, looking too eager can creep them out. As a fan, you wouldn't want to make them feel like that, right? Just approach them as calmly as you can. And above all, don't shout at them! 

Unwanted Physical Contact

Celebrities are not things you can just touch whenever and however you want. As I've already mentioned, they're still human beings. They don't like getting unwanted physical contact as much as the next guy. And if you get a little too overboard, there's a lawsuit waiting for you. Are you ready to pay thousands, if not millions of bucks on top of getting slapped with a restraining order by your favorite actor/artist? I think not, right? So keep your hands to yourself at all times! And remember, if they get a little too handsy with you, you can just as easily sue them too! 

Spitting on Them

Say it, don't spray it! I get that you're probably over the moon when you meet your favorite celeb, but if you're not careful, you might end up spitting on them. And how do you think they'd feel if their designer clothing gets drenched in a stranger's spit? Not too happy, I bet! I once made the big mistake of "spraying" all over Catherine Zeta-Jones when I asked for her autograph one time. She still signed it, but to this day, I still see her annoyed expression in my nightmares. It's safe to assume that I'll never get the opportunity to meet her ever again. 

Let me tell you right now: it's so easy to make a fool of yourself in front of a celebrity. And if you want to ask for their autographs, it's the one thing you shouldn't do! Just don't commit these mistakes and you'll be fine! 

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