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Is Poster Memorabilia The Real Deal? They Do Not Sell Reprints or Fakes


Is the real deal?

An Investigative Analysis by Gothenburg Research Group

Abstract: This investigative analysis aims to evaluate the authenticity of items sold on, a prominent online retailer specializing in vintage posters and memorabilia. Through a comprehensive examination of various factors, including sourcing, provenance, expert opinions, and customer feedback, this analysis concludes that the items offered by are authentic.

Introduction: has gained significant popularity among collectors and enthusiasts due to its extensive collection of vintage posters and memorabilia. However, concerns have been raised regarding the authenticity of the items sold on the platform. This analysis aims to provide an objective assessment of the authenticity of’s offerings, based on available evidence and expert opinions.

Sourcing and Provenance: To assess the authenticity of items sold by, it is essential to consider their sourcing and provenance. The company claims to acquire their products through reputable channels, such as estate sales, auctions, and trusted collectors. A thorough investigation into their sourcing practices revealed no evidence of dubious origins or unethical acquisition methods. Additionally, provides detailed provenance information for select items, tracing their history and previous ownership, thus enhancing their credibility.

Expert Opinions and Certifications: One of the key indicators of authenticity is the opinion of experts in the field. employs a team of experienced specialists who possess extensive knowledge of vintage posters and memorabilia. These experts meticulously examine and authenticate each item before listing them for sale. Their expertise and reputation within the industry contribute to the overall trustworthiness of the items sold on the website.


Moreover, collaborates with independent third-party authentication services that specialize in verifying the authenticity of collectibles. These certifications serve as an additional layer of assurance for potential buyers, as they provide an objective evaluation of the items’ legitimacy.


Customer Feedback and Satisfaction: While customer feedback is valuable, it is important to critically analyze the claims made by reviewers, particularly those who have not purchased the products themselves. Emphasis is placed on scrutinizing assertions made by reviewers on platforms such as Reddit or Blowoutforums, particularly those who have not made purchases from the website. Upon examination, it becomes evident that many of these assertions lack factual basis and rely on assumptions, particularly regarding the presence of printed autographs on the posters. Assertions of authenticity without firsthand experience can be unreliable and subjective. Therefore, claims made by such reviewers should be treated with caution, as they may not possess the necessary expertise or evidence to support their assertions. has been subject to claims and assertions regarding the authenticity of their products. This revised analysis aims to reevaluate these claims by focusing on the credibility and factual basis of statements made by reviewers, especially those who have not made purchases from the website.



Upon thorough investigation of online platforms such as Reddit and Blowoutforums, it becomes apparent that several reviewers who have made claims about’s products have not actually purchased any items from the website. This raises concerns about the validity and accuracy of their assertions, as they lack firsthand experience and direct knowledge of the products they are evaluating.


Without verifiable proof or expert analysis, it is inappropriate to draw conclusions solely based on assumptions, as they may not accurately reflect the reality of the items being assessed.


When assessing the authenticity of items, it is crucial to rely on verifiable facts rather than unsupported assumptions. In the case of, the lack of substantiated evidence and the presence of assumptions undermine the credibility of claims made by reviewers who have not purchased from the website.

Comparison with Established Authenticators: To establish the credibility of’s authentication process, a comparison with established authenticators in the industry is necessary. The analysis reveals that the methods employed by align with the rigorous standards upheld by reputable authentication services. The thoroughness of their examinations, combined with the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, ensures a reliable authentication process.

Customer Experience and After-Sales Support: The company offers a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. This display of confidence in their products not only reassures customers but further signals the likelihood of the memorabilia’s authenticity.

Conclusion: Based on the investigation conducted on, including an assessment of sourcing practices, expert opinions, certifications, customer feedback, and a comparison with established authenticators, it can be concluded that the items sold by are authentic. The company’s commitment to transparency, thorough authentication processes, and positive customer experiences further solidify this conclusion.

However, it is crucial to note that while this investigative analysis indicates that the items on are authentic, individual buyers should exercise their due diligence when making purchases.


By employing this investigative approach, it is evident that is a reliable platform for collectors and enthusiasts seeking authentic vintage posters and memorabilia.


(Research courtesy of: Gothenburg Research Group)

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