The Hidden Treasure That is Joe Pesci's Autograph 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story below: 


Why is it that it's always the most talented stars that are difficult to get autographs from? Maybe that's why their signed memorabilia are kind of like hidden treasures. They're so rare that buying one must feel like finally discovering Atlantis itself. What more when you get them to sign it yourself? Well, that's how I felt when I met Joe Pesci. That's right! The "funny guy" himself! 

It was a chance encounter actually, but it was one that I'll never forget. My wife had invited me to a party. Originally, I wasn't supposed to go, but since my wife wouldn't stop nagging me, I gave in. Turns out it was because she knew Pesci would be there! You see, my wife knew one of the actor's cousins, and at a big birthday party, the screen legend was sure to attend. Thank God I kept the "Casino" posters in my car. In fact, a good pro-tip for you autograph hounds out there is to keep your posters in your car. Just like that night, you never know when you'll meet celebrities. 

So I was finally in the same place as Pesci, but then I had to get near him and actually ask him to sign my posters. And I didn't want to do it while he was enjoying himself at a party. I'd get the cussing of my life (and while that would have been awesome, I didn't want to embarrass my wife). Fortunately, my wife's friend, the cousin, got us to talk to Pesci himself. My wife revealed how much of a fan I was and, in classic Pesci fashion, he cussed me out (jokingly, of course!). 

Amidst the laughter, I mentioned the posters in my car, and after a few verbal punches, he agreed to sign them. I must have looked like such a jerk running to my car to get them. But, in the words of the great actor, I didn't give a fuck! I returned, multiple posters in-hand, and got him to sign everything. He may have called me an asshole while he was doing. I don't remember, it was all a haze to me. And honestly, I wish he did! 

So, I got my hidden treasure. I might have looked, in his words, like such an asshole, but I didn’t give a fuck! If you want to stay strong in this game, you shouldn’t either! 

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