Sophie Turner is Officially My Favorite Celebrity in The World

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Damn, I just love Sophie Turner. She has since embodied two of my most favorite characters in modern literature: Sansa Stark and Jean Grey. Like, how cool can one girl get? She gets to play these badasses on the big and small screens? 100% goals!! And not only that! She also married Joe Jonas, who is, perhaps one of the most handsome guys in the planet. Talk about a perfect life. 

But I gotta say, even though she lives a perfect life, she isn't a stuck-up b*itch! Knowing she was going to attend the 2019 VMAs, I and two of my girlfriends sought out to have her sign our "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" posters. Sorry Joe, even though you're supposed to have been the star that night, we came for your wife. She looked totally hot in her white dress and black corset outfit. I swear, if she wasn't an actress, she so would have been a great supermodel. The likes of which Gigi and Bella could only dream to be!

Anyways, what really warmed me up to her is that she wasn't weirded out that we wanted her autograph. She knew tonight was her husband's night. She knew that he was supposed to be the star of the show. But seeing that some of her devoted followers went to the red carpet event just to see her must have made her feel happy. And I'm glad we were able to put a smile on her face. She signed all of our posters and we told her that we hope The Jonas Brothers will win that night. Honestly though, I no longer remember if they did. 

Thank God we got her autographs (Yep! Not just one!). When we attended the movie premiere, it was literally just hers that we weren't able to get. And she's the star of the film, for Pete's sake! Mission accomplished! 

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