My First Time Getting A Kid’s Autograph

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Although child stars are nothing new, there was really something about the Harry Potter kids that really set them apart. Perhaps it's just that, when their movie first premiered, they were the first to lead such a powerful franchise. Just about everyone was anticipating them and they had a lot of pressure! 

As for me, it was my first time getting a kid's autograph. Though I was also young when I got Daniel Radcliffe's, I was still an adult when I asked for his autograph. I don't care if you think I looked like a loser then, at least I got a great actor's autograph. And on the poster that catapulted him to worldwide fame! 

I remember, he was so young but looked wise for his age. And no, not because he wore glasses then. He just evoked a certain aura—which I admit is weird to describe a kid—that told me that he will be fine despite the industry he just entered. Even when he thanked me, I seemed so mature and refined. Pretty much how he is now that he's a full-fledged adult. And getting his as well as the rest of the cast's autographs was really the highlight of my year back then! 

A tip for all you fellow autograph hounds out there: child stars are still stars. Don't be too proud to get their autographs. You never know, they might grow up to be bigger stars than before. Just look at Daniel Radcliffe! 

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