Meeting the Stars of Disney's Best Animated Sequel 

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I'm sorry for those who may think otherwise, but "The Lion King 2"  is Disney's best-animated sequel to date. Sure, "The Little Mermaid 2" comes at a close second, but it doesn't reach the level of the Lion King sequel. The problem with Disney's animated films, especially those of the 'Renaissance' era, is that they were so good, any other attempts to continue the story pale in comparison.

But this film, with its "Romeo and Juliet" angle, hit the spot! And somehow, even though the plot centers around Simba's daughter Kiara, Simba still seemed like the protagonist of the film. It was ingenious! After watching it on VHS for the first time, I was hooked. And from the time I was seven to even sometimes, today, I still watch the film. I even do it almost religiously during my birthday. That's how much I love the movie. 

And so, when I got into theater here in New York City, I knew I was going to meet with some of its stars. Namely, they were the main "monarchs": Matthew Broderick (Simba) and Neve Campbell (Kiara). There was a time that my friend incidentally had to work with Broderick on a play. The moment I heard that I jumped on the chance to meet him.

My friend led me to backstage and I got to meet the Lion King himself. Let me tell you, I felt like a nervous wreck while meeting him. I've been a huge fan of his work, and alongside my Lion King 2 posters, were a few others that he starred in as well. It was at then and there that I realized that Broderick really is as kind and polite as he seemed. He signed my posters, gave me a hug, and it was the best moment ever! 

Neve Campbell, on the other hand, I met a few years later. She attended a play that I was in the chorus in. And seeing as she is a beloved celebrity, she went backstage to meet the cast. I think I even called her Kiara at some point! And she didn't even sound like her anymore when I met her. Her voice had obviously matured since then! Still, she was kind enough to sign my posters too! What a gal! 

If you want to see what a great Disney 2-D animated sequel looks like, see "The Lion King 2!" You shouldn't miss out on one of Disney's best straight-to-video releases ever! 

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