Meeting the Monsters of my Childhood

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I'm not gonna deny that when they announced that "Monster's Inc" will have a sequel (technically prequel), I cried. The original animated flick was my favorite Disney movie ever. And the fact that I'll see Sulley, Mike Wazowski, and the rest of my favorite monsters again on-screen just got me a little emotional. Well, extremely emotional. 

Even better this time around is that I met the stars behind my favorite characters. Namely John Goodman and Billy Crystal. These legends voiced my favorite movie monsters, so meeting them in person was quite spectacular. I went to the Hollywood premiere of the movie, which was one of the best movies I ever made in my life. Though it was an extremely busy day, lots of screaming fans, both young and old, I still enjoyed meeting these two icons. 

The first I met between the two was Billy Crystal, who was simply funny. I knew he was already funny with his work with Mike Wazowski, but even on the red carpet, he's hilarious. His accent, his demeanor, and his jokes—I was laughing so hard as I hear him slowly approach me. I even got worried that I might blow it by laughing maniacally in front of him. Thankfully, I got it together and he signed all my posters. 

And then John Goodman, who I feel is a bonafide Disney man. Sure, he's acted in some serious dramas, but I feel like with how gentle of a man he is, he's just so suited for a Disney film. Though he'll forever be Sulley to me, I do hope that Disney gets him to voice new characters in future films as well. In fact, I can feel my seven-year-old self just wanting to hug him a'la Boo when he was signing my posters and was chatting with me. It was Sulley in front of me! All I wanted to do was hug him. Thank God I didn't though. I would have humiliated myself! 

I gotta say, "Monster University" is a great follow-up to "Monsters Inc." For any die-hard Disney fan, this is a must-watch! 

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