Meeting Some of Hollywood's Finest Gentlemen!

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Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Colin Ferrell, Charlie Hunnam, and Henry Golding. These were just some of the fine gentlemen I met in-person at the photocall to promote their recent film together, "The Gentlemen." The event was held in New York back in January 2020, right before the Covid-19 pandemic changed our lives! 

I sure am glad I work for an entertainment news website. Though we're not that big, we're able to attend these sorts of events since our editor-in-chief has a lot of Hollywood connections. I had the privilege to work on the promo cycle for "The Gentleman," Guy Ritchie's late 2019 action-comedy with a stellar cast of box office heavyweights. I hadn't seen a film with that immense amount of talent in a long time! And I also made sure I didn't miss this opportunity to hound some autographs! 

In fact, my boss even liked that I had such a hobby so he encouraged me to do it when I attended this New York photocall with the movie's cast. With my posters on-hand and my questions for the interview memorized, I did my best! I also knew how to time my requests just right. I'm sure, by that time, they were already tired of getting asked all sorts of questions, posing for the cameras, and the requests for autographs. But I wasn't going to back down without a fight! I had my work and my own mission to do and I planned to see them through! 

In my luck, my plans worked. Not only was I able to interview each and every one of them—and got some great answers too!—I also got them to sign all of my posters. Matthew McConaughey was, hands down, the easiest! And it was ironic too since he was the lead star of the movie. But then, he really is a good guy! I can honestly say that having met him in real life, he really is that laid-back cool guy that's easy to get along with. Hugh Grant, however, could use a little more energy when speaking to the press and interacting with fans. Oh well, he was probably tired that night so who could blame him?

Henry Golding, the rising star from "Crazy Rich Asians," was also cool. He even seems more excited than I was when I asked him to sign my posters. What a good guy! Charlie Hunnam too was very friendly. He did not hesitate even a bit when I asked for his autographs. Then there was the lovely Michelle Dockery. Man, she is so beautiful! And a real lady too! Just talking to her and seeing her in person, she really looked and seemed like royalty! I'm so glad I was also able to get her autograph! 

Overall, the cast of "The Gentlemen" really are gentlemen! I only wish other autograph hounds out there will be able to meet them and ask for their autographs too when we're finally allowed to step outside and interact with one another! Here's to hoping! 

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