Meeting All My Favorite Superheroes At Once!

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It's rather exhilarating meeting actors. Even when they're not your favorite, the mere fact that you're meeting people millions of others could only dream of the meeting is a bit bonkers! But, that's the beauty of autograph-hounding! You work hard to meet this sort of people every time you can. But when they're your heroes, that's a different story. 

I should point out that, while I do admire these actors, they're not necessarily my life heroes. No, they portray my favorite comic book heroes on-screen. And you know what? They're so damn good at it! Henry Cavill as Superman? Yes! Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman? Right on! Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? Right on, sister! They and many more lived up to their respective hypes, making the "Justice League movie quite a success! 

Alongside many fans, I had the privilege to attend the Hollywood premiere of the movie. With my friends, who are just as crazy about the DCEU as I am, to help me, I got all these amazing stars to sign my copies of the movie poster. It was an amazing night! Seeing them up close, how majestic of human beings they really are, it really made sense why the studios chose them for their respective roles. 

And, while I don't mean any disrespect to the MCU and its fans, I also gotta say: the "Justice League" cast is the hottest cast I've seen assembled for a long time. Cavill, Affleck, Gadot, Mamoa, and even Miller were all in-shape and chiseled to perfection. I could see it with how well their clothes for them! 

Furthermore, I also got a lot of great supporting actors to sign the posters. The likes of Diane Lane, Amy Adams, J.K. Simmons, Amber Heard, and more. I kinda wish there were more superheroes in the Justice League so that'd also be front and center, but I think that'd be overwhelming to watch too. Anyhoo, they're Hollywood heavyweights in their own right. Of course, I got their autographs too! Of course! 

That was certainly an amazing red carpet premiere. I've never met so many stars all at once in my entire life. Like these posters, I'll cherish that experience forever!

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