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Is Beyonce Even Human!?

You guys! I met Beyonce and wow! Is she even human!? Like, I expected her to be beautiful and all but damn! The woman is gorgeous, alluring, and so magnetic. I don't know what it is about her that drew me in as if I was hypnotized. Now I see why the Beyhive is so cray cray! 

It was during her concert. I had just collected many copies of her iconic "Dangerously in Love" album cover posters and I planned to have her sign them. Of course, even if I didn't get her autograph, just seeing her live was enough. The woman is the true definition of a superstar. She's got so much energy on stage, I felt exhausted for her, LOL! And her voice!? A-effing-mazing! You'll never get tired of hearing it. In fact, I still replay some of the videos I took during that time. They still get me to shake my booty whenever I play them! 

After the concert, I and a couple of other fans rushed to an area where we found out that she would exit the stadium. It was far from a formal meet-and-greet but so many fans went that it seemed like it was a planned event. We didn't know if we'd ever get to meet here or anything, we were just excited to catch a glimpse of her after her spectacular concert. And after about half an hour of waiting, she appeared. It was as if a goddess descended from heaven! 

Despite how loud we all were, Beyonce didn't look tired or even fazed at all. I sort of expected she'd have a bit of a diva attitude, especially after witnessing the performances she did on stage, but she was far from it. She smiled brightly and interacted with her fans a bit. Of course, that included yours truly, LOL! It was at that moment that I asked for her autograph. I honestly expected her to say no but to my complete surprise, she signed all of them! And when I say I almost fainted... phew! I still can't get that moment out of my head. 

I also low-key wanted to take a selfie but after having her sign many posters, I figured I shouldn't be selfish. She still smiled back at me though, with that same outstanding voice I heard an hour before. She sounded great too! She didn't sound like she lost her voice at all. If I did what she did, you bet your ass I won't be talking for a week! 

Anyway, I'll end this blog post by saying one thing: Beyonce is an absolute goddess! I doubt she's actually human but that's just me! In any case, I'm 100% sure I'll never meet another person quite like her ever again. 


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