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Getting The Autographs of The "Cars" Cast At Their Movie's Sequel Premiere

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Well, it's all in the title. Now I know I had to wait five years to get this cast's autographs, so don't rub it in my face! Besides, this cast is a star-studded ensemble. Apart from its premiere, who knows when the next time they'll all be in one same event?

Fortunately, for the likes of me, and my fellow autograph hounds here in Hollywood, the premiere of "Cars 2" was that sort of event! The sequel reunited most of the incredible actors who voiced the first one. And this time. I was determined to get all if not, most of their autographs! 

The first one I got, unsurprisingly, was Larry the Cable Guy's. I say unsurprisingly because, perhaps out of the entire cast, he's the humblest star. Just like Mater, he just likes to have fun with his fans so his autograph wasn't that hard to get. 

Owen Wilson's, on the other hand, was slightly more difficult to get. But only because he is the star of the show. He is 'Lightning McQueen.' So not only adult autograph hounds wanted him to sign their posters and whatnot, but kids were desperate to meet him as well. The fanfare he received was actually quite adorable. 

As for Bonnie Hunt—Ms. Sally herself—she was also sort of challenging to get to but in the end, I fell for her. She was very much like her character in real life: calm, cool, and charming. No wonder they cast her for the role, even if it's just for her voice! 

When the rest of the "Cars" cast signed my posters, off I went to watch the sequel. It was right then and there that I realized that I should have gotten the poster for the sequel as well. Huge mistake on my part! Oh well! 

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