Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are The Newest It Buddy Pairing! 

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Hollywood has seen its fair share of great on-screen buddy pairings. Laurel and Hardy, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, and even Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson. But for 2019, not only is the newest pairing just as funny as the others, but it's also unexpected! Who would have thought that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson would work well together?

They first worked together in the MCU film, "Thor: Ragnarok" and right then and there, they already showed their great chemistry. So much so that they got cast as the new 'Men in Black' in the latest film installment of the franchise, "Men in Black: International." Now, I gotta say, they were phenomenal in it! Hemsworth has a surprisingly great gift for comedic acting. Well, not that surprising considering he was the best part about the female-version of "Ghostbusters." But still, especially with his new dynamic with the equally-talented Tessa Thompson, he was hilarious in this film! 

Fortunately for me, both actors attended this year's San Diego Comic-con. I and my buddies, who go to Comic-con every year, brought out copies of the poster for them to sign. But we didn't want to be so obvious in our autograph-hounding. And so we strategized a plan. In the line for their fan meet-up, this was after that now-viral press conference about Phase 4 of the MCU, I and my three buddies divided ourselves. The first one was my cousin Carl, who was basically a dozen people before me. Then, of course, me. Then my best friend Jim who was only three people behind me. And his brother-in-law (also my buddy) Kevin super far behind him. We thought our plan worked until, when it was Kevin's turn to ask for Thompson's autograph, she asked him if he came with us three. Seeing as we were the only four people who brought "Men In Black" posters. 

Darn! Valkrie is one smart cookie! Anyways, they all signed our posters so all was well and good! Now, we can't wait for "Thor: Love and Thunder" to see them reunite! Gosh! They'll be so badass I'm already excited! 

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