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Who Knew Elizabeth Banks Can Be So Scary?

No, the title doesn't suggest that she's a b*tch! All I'm saying is, from a career for playing rom-com leads and slapstick comedies, I didn't know Elizabeth Banks can pull off starring in a horror movie. And she really was terrifying in this, especially in the parts where it looked like she was possessed by a demon. 

Since James Gunn was at the helm of this movie, I knew it was going to be a hit. But after watching a sneak preview, the one whose autograph I was keen on getting the most was Banks'. As the lead, she carried this film on her back as you'd never seen before. I really was scared with her throughout the entire movie! So when I got access to meet the cast at a press event, I wasn't hesitant to go up to her and get her autograph. I just had to it subtlely so that security won't throw me out of the event. 

My boyfriend is a photographer for a prominent media company, so he got me access to the press conference. And having bonded over our autograph-hounding, we divided and conquered. But my one wish, nay, demand, was that we get Banks' autograph. I mean, duh! She is the lead after all! Fortunately, after the question and answers were all through, the press had the chance to meet with each star and James Gunn solo. When it was our turn, we asked her if it was okay if she signed our posters and she agreed. What a woman! 

From then on, I've become a full-fledge Elizabeth Banks fan. I can't wait to see her as Bosely in the new "Charlie's Angels!" Now that's a movie poster I'll definitely have to get her signed!


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