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Unconventional Romantic Films You Shouldn't Miss Out On

Are you getting tired of rom-coms as much I am? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy those silly Cinderella-like chick flicks from time to time, but they're just lacking in depth. Is love really just about finding the best guy who'll protect you at all costs? Is it all about getting the girl who'll make you a better person when you've been acting like a total di**? 

Audiences deserve better than these overused tropes, which is why I collated some unconventional romance films that are worth checking out. 

Sleepless in Seattle

Falling in love with a guy you've only heard on the radio? Talk about unconventional! And, to be honest, a little stupid. But what's life without a little stupid nowadays? Back in the 80s and 90s, there were no other on-screen couple quite like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. They were the Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire of their heyday, just without the dancing. In "Sleepless in Seattle," Ryan's 'Annie' falls in love with Hanks's 'Sam' after hearing how lonely he is after losing his wife. The film even gets Sam's son, 10-year-old Jonah, to be their cupid! Is that unconventional enough for you? 

Warm Bodies

Listen, I get that the concept of a living human falling in love with a zombie sounds like such a sh**ty idea. But would rather have a good time laughing at loud watching "Warm Bodies" or see another "Rome and Juliet" remake for the nth time? For me, I'll stick with "Warm Bodies!" It's not as bad as you might think. And in fact, Nicholas Hoult is quite good in it as a zombie. The premise is admittedly outrageous, but then again, it's a movie, what'd you expect? If you want reality, go watch a f**king documentary. But if you want a good time with a nice enough love story to warm even your body, this film will do! 

City of Angels

People have sacrificed all sorts of things for their love. Royal titles, money, careers, and even their own lives. But what about immortality? Well, that's what Nicholas Cage's 'Seth' did for Meg Ryan's 'Maggie Rice' in "City of Angels". Firstly, you'd expect the 'angel' in this couple would be the girl—seems natural right?—but no, it's the other way around. And the fact that he (Seth) falls in love with a mortal girl (Maggie) who's a heart surgeon is not only unique, it's a bit ironic too. And so I highlight this underrated romance film as one to definitely watch! 

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast may be a classic. Heck, it's even a fairytale for pete's sake! But it will always be the most unconventional fairytale of all time. Here, the beast isn't putting the damsel in distress in danger. In fact, it's he who rescues her from not only a boring life (amen, sister!) but also one that had the potential to turn dark, domestically speaking. Admit it, Gaston had all the red flags of a physically and verbally abusive spouse, not to mention a potential neglectful parent. With Beast (or Adam if you follow Disney's canon), Belle got the best of both worlds: a castle and a loving partner. 

If you’re into the lovey-dovey stuff—aren’t we all?—but want something unique onscreen, these are to movies to watch! They’re perfect for any date and for Valentine’s Day! 

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