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"Tolkien" Has The Most Beautiful Leads Ever!

I'm just going to outright say it: "Tolkien" has the most beautiful pair of led actors I've seen in a long time. The last time I saw two romantic leads look that pretty was Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook." Now, I know beauty isn't the most important thing actors should have, but boy does it make for great visuals on-screen. 

The reason why I claim such a statement in the title is because I've actually seen these two actors up close. I watched them go on a press interview for the movie here in New York, and let me tell you, they look incredible. It's almost unfortunate that, in relation to JRR Tolkien, they portrayed the actual human rather than elves of Middle Earth. these two are so striking that they'd be great as elves in any upcoming Middle Earth-set movie. Or, and hear me out on this one, they'd also look great as Snow White and Prince Charming if ever Disney decided to remake that into a live-action as well! Bingo!

Anyways, I won't disclose what show they were on, but let's just say the host can get pretty political at times. But I did enjoy his interview with the two leads. They explained the premise of the movie well and they were their charming selves. And when they went to meet up with fans, I just had to meet them and get them to sign my movie posters. The moment the show ended, I ran my ass off to the area where we can meet them and prepared my posters.

All I can remember was how tall Nicholas Hoult looked. I've always thought he was the same height as me, but to my surprise, he was taller. And he really did seem princely, so Disney... I'm just saying, make Prince Charming happen. As for Lilly Collins? Audrey Hepburn resurrected. Her beauty has this innocence to it that looked so sweet and delicate, it's like she's not from this time. Dress her up in the 1950s and 60s garb and I bet people would think she time-traveled to get here. And both of them, to my inexplicable fortune, signed all my copies of the movie poster. 

These actors have great careers ahead of them. And I can't wait to hopefully meet them again to get their autographs for their future movies' posters!


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