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How Lovely The Ladies of "The Hustle” Are

Boy, Anne Hathway and Rebel Wilson really are lovely. It's no wonder they had amazing chemistry on-screen in "The Hustle". Looking back at their acting styles, their approaches to comedy are almost worlds apart. Sure, they've mastered slapstick really well, but Hathaway's has always been subtler. Most especially when compared to Wilson's more physical take on comedy. 

I met them once here in London when both stars guested at a famous late-night talk show. They were there promoting the movie, in which I was able to get early copies of the movie's poster. So I went all the way from my place in Sussex to that God-forsaken country (no offense, Londoners!) just to see these two beauties in the flesh. And boy did they shine. Hathaway was just as beautiful as ever. In fact, she even glowed a bit. She really does have the best skin in the industry right now. 

As for Wilson, that woman can crack me up all the time. I've been a fan of hers since her "Pitch Perfect" days and I never regretted following her since. You just know how intelligent she is with how she strategized her jokes. She knows how to time herself well and to deliver the punchline the best way possible. Thank God I got their autographs right after the show before loads of people came to meet them. 

Now that I reminisce on that night, meeting them has been great. I only just thought of them as beautiful screen idols that I'd never see up close. But thanks to that late-night talk show, that my girlfriends convinced me to watch live, I did!


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