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The Two Icons in "Coraline"

People often forget about "Coraline." But in all honesty, I find it one of the finest animated films ever made. The sophistication of the animation, the maturity of the story, the complexities of the performances. This film was simply too ahead of its time. 

Still, I wanted to get the autographs of the people involved. Most especially the two icons of literature and entertainment: Neil Gaiman and Dakota Fanning. Gaiman has always been one of my favorite authors of all time. His talent for writing for a young adult audience has always fascinated me. And his novels? Simply divine. 

Meanwhile, Fanning, for me, defined what I called the "unproblematic child star." Sure, she was a very young actress. But she wasn't a diva, there was never any bad gossip about her, and she really had a talent for acting. Some of you may think she doesn't deserve to be called an 'icon,' but with her many years in the industry, I think she merits it. 

Because of this, I and my best friend worked hard to meet them. I succeeded first with meeting Gaiman. He had a book-signing and reading of one of his latest works at a nearby bookshop. I sat through the entire event before I went up to him, and instead of asking him to sign the book, I asked him to sign my movie posters. Luckily for me, he wasn't annoyed at all. 

As for Fanning, I and my friend met her when she attended the Golden Globes one year. We even thought her sister, Elle, was her for a moment. But then we saw her coming along and asked her to sign our "Coraline" posters. She happily did it and we were the happiest girls in the world that night! 

I wish more and more people knew and loved "Coraline" as much as we do! It's a truly fantastic film that deserves more recognition (and a few accolades) than it has gotten in the past! 


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