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The Most Famous Mothers You Ever Did See!

If you had the chance to pick your own mother, you'd pick a Hollywood actress, wouldn't you? I would! I grew up without a mother so if I was given that opportunity, hell yeah I'd pick an A-list celeb! Especially the ones I was lucky enough to meet when I was working for an entertainment media company. 


Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts—these were the astonishing women I had the privilege of meeting back then. In fact, despite the nature of my company, I rarely met celebrities. And in one of the few instances that I did, how lucky am I that they were this caliber of Hollywood A-listers? It's like I hit a goldmine of screen icons! I've watched these women all my life and now, they were right there in front of me! Being the crazy movie geek I am, I didn't hesitate to jump at the chance to ask for their autographs! 


Oh, and if you're wondering why they are at my work in the first place, they, alongside Jason Sudeikis of SNL-fame, were starring in a movie called "Mother's Day" at the time and we were part of their press junket tour. Yep, to have gotten the chance to talk to these legends, my company really is a big deal! Anyway, we were also able to acquire a stack of movie posters as part of their promotion and since none of my colleagues were interested in them, I figured I'd get them signed and make them collectibles! Even if the movie would bomb, these were still major Hollywood celebs we're talking about!


The good news was all of them were in a good mood at the time. They were pretty generous with their autographs and didn't mind that someone like me had the nerve to ask them to sign some posters. I didn't know what they were drinking that time but if it got them feeling that good, I'd want some too! Anyway, if I remember correctly, Julia Robers was the first to sign on the posters. She didn't even stutter, she just simply wrote on all of them as if it was second nature to her. Well, should anyone be surprised? It's Julia-fuckin'-Roberts after all! 


Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson were also sweet enough to sign most of the posters. They even thanked me after, as if they were the ones privileged to have done it! No, I didn't even deserve their generosity then! I'm just an insect compared to them! Ugh! Such humble and gorgeous women! 


After the women were through Jason Sudeikis then joked how we probably didn't want his autograph after the likes of the women who just signed our posters. I have to admit, I did forget about asking him too, lol! But when he made the joke, I prompted him to sign them too and he gladly obliged me. It was a shame that none of the rest of the cast was able to attend our interview that day. We also invited Britt Robertson, Shay Mithcell, and Josh Duhamel too but they were too busy at the time. It was just our luck that the Hollywood legends in the cast were the ones available! 


Looking back at that time and remembering the movie, I'd say that these actresses really were amazing! They'd make great mothers too (some already are!). I wish them the best! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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