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The First to Get The New James Bond's Autograph

I remember back then it was like a competition. Daniel Craig had just been cast as the new James Bond and many autographs hounds—myself included—were itching to meet him. He was the new 007 after all, for those who get his first autograph, that would have been huge. In the end, I became one of those lucky ones. 

In fact, at first, I really didn't think I'd be that lucky. When the film was going to premiere in Hollywood, I had an out-of-town trip for work. And so I couldn't go to see him for the first time because I had to be somewhere else. It honestly disturbed me for a time. It may sound ridiculous to some of you, but being an autograph hound is my passion. And having been one of the first ones to get the new James Bond's autograph was like a claim to fame in our community. 

Fortunately, somehow, everything came into place. Firstly, my friend who works at an elite company was able to get me a few copies of the "Casino Royale" movie poster. They looked incredible and upon seeing Daniel Craig on them, I instantly knew he'd be a great Bond. And then came my work. I had the pleasant surprise of finding out that the trip I had to go to had been postponed for a later week. I finally had the chance to go to the movie's red carpet premiere. 

Finally, there was the matter of the tickets. Because I thought I wasn't going to make it, I didn't bother reserving any tickets for the premiere. So when I found out I was free, I had to scramble hard to get some. I even used some of my connections but even they couldn't find me anymore. They've all been sold out. After essentially losing hope, a friend of mine told me he had one last extra ticket. He was supposed to give it to his cousin but then that person had to stay home to take care of their grandparents or something. 

At last, I was at the red carpet premiere of Daniel Craig's first Bond film. I made sure I was near the road, where the cars would drop off the stars so that I'll be one of the first fans he'll approach. And as he made his big entrance, to my sheer luck, he went to my side of the red carpet first. He took pictures with the first fans beside me, and when it was my turn, he signed my posters!

Yep! I became one of the first autograph hounds to get Daniel Craig's autograph when he first became James Bond. It's a feat I still get chills when thinking about to this day. The very first poster he signed I had framed and now hangs in my home. The rest I share with you guys here. 


Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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  • Is it just Craig’s autograph or others from the cast?


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