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The Fashion Icon That is... Cruella!

Real talk, girls! Cruela DeVille is a girl boss of a villain! I mean, yeah she's an effing b**ch who doesn't like cute puppies and would instantly turn them into fur coats, but apart from that, she can go off sis! At least, that's my new opinion of her after I've watched Disney's new movie, "Cruella." 

Starring Emma Stone as the titular Disney villainess, the film shows Cruella in a new light. We see how she became the crazy—but chic!—psychopath that she is. Personally, I'm not into people turning my pets into accessories but in all honesty, I sort of understand Cruella better after seeing the film. And of course, I died with her fashions. That movie's wardrobe was insane! It so deserved the Oscar for Best in Costume Design. That red fire dress moment!? ICONIC! I still get chills thinking about it! 

I only wish Emma Stone wore it when I got the chance to interview her and the rest of the cast on their set. As the biggest fashion movie of 2021, it was only natural that I, a writer for a fashion and lifestyle website, had to cover the movie. Thankfully, my work had enough connections that I was able to visit their movie set. And even more fortunately, the filming took place in 2019, right before the pandemic. I was still able to abroad to get to their filming locations. 

Thinking back to that day, the movie set was even more fabulous than I expected. This is a Disney movie after all. Of course, they got the budget! Considering the main character of the film, I already knew that the wardrobe would be out of this world. I didn't realize that the set design would be just as amazing! I was so in awe of everything, I almost forgot my main objective—to interview the cast. 

Talking to them, both one on one and as a group, was so fun. I couldn't believe Emma Thompson and Mark Strong, two incredible British actors who are at the top of their careers, looked like they were having fun on set. I always thought of them as very serious actors who were always stern and intimidating. But after that set visit, I now see them in a totally new light. The same goes with Emma Stone too! She had the opposite effect on me. I always saw her as a young, cheerful actress who, despite her talents, always had fun. After seeing her act so seriously in front of the camera, however, I got a newfound respect for her. 

Additionally, after all the interviews, I was given some copies of the movie poster. I appreciated the freebies and all, but part of me wasn't satisfied. At the risk of embarrassing myself, I decided to ask the cast, the same celebrities I just interviewed, to sign the posters. I figured that since I was already there and I likely won't ever get another chance like this in a million years, I'd go for the kill. And thank God I did because they were more than happy to sign them! This was my first time hounding for autographs and I can't believe how successful I was. 

After "Cruella," I've come to appreciate movies that star villains instead of heroes and princesses. It's like "Maleficient" or "Wicked"—they show another side of a classic story that we, as viewers, ought to know too! 


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