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The Big Apple's Four Main Girls

There are about 8 million people in New York but there are only four I really care about: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Yep, the girls from "Sex and The City." As a 90s chick, these women were my everything! They were my sisters, friends, confidants, advisors, neighbors, and more! It was really an incredible feeling finally meeting them in the flesh! 


This dream of mine finally came true back in 2008, when the highly anticipated (at least, for me!) "Sex And The City" movie premiered in the Big Apple, the unofficial fifth "girlfriend" in the series. Everyone was chic, glamorous, and beautiful, pretty much how they looked on TV. And though I was just a fan attending the red carpet hoping to get some autographs, you bet your ass I dressed up too! How could I not? I, at least, want to pay homage to the stylish superiority of these ladies! 


From the get-go, Sarah Jessica Parker caught my eye. Not only because she was wearing a shimmering Nina Ricci gown and looked like a million bucks. But, of course, her big hair wavy hair and the fact that fans—myself included—were screaming their lungs out as she passed by. She looked so happy on that pink carpet as if the premiere was her biggest achievement. Well, she was bringing her iconic character on the big screen so I could understand her sense of accomplishment. I took out my SATC posters (of the series, not of the movie) and asked her to sign them. She gleefully did so and I was floored. I can't believe she was nice enough to do it! 


Also looking snatched and sickening was Kim Catrall. In her sexy Vivienne Westwood, she was every bit the bombshell that Samantha Jones was. And, ironically, enough, she was also the nicest out of the four girls. I didn't even need to shout to her to get her to notice me, she herself went and interacted with fans, giving her autographs and taking selfies with them. I was one of the lucky ones to have gotten that generous treatment. I barely even asked her for her autograph when she just got my posters and signed them all. What a woman she is! 


Golden girl Kristin Davis, decked out in Donna Karan no less, was just as nice in person as she was as Charlotte in the series (and the movies). Like Catrall, I didn't even need to ask her to sign my posters. She offered to sign them herself and I, of course, sheepily thanked her for it. I was so happy they were all willing to sign all my posters. I was sure that they were tired from their press junkets and other red carpet premieres for the movie.


Finally, looking like a goddess in white Narciso Rodriguez, fellow redhead and all-around boss ass bitch Cynthia Nixon was the last of the four women to sign my posters. All happy and smiley, she was a fresh of breath air in person, far from the serious and stern Miranda Hobbes(-Smith) from the show! When I asked her for her autograph, she had the biggest grin out of all of them and happily signed all of my posters. It was amazing! 


I miss all of these girls and the liveliness of the Big Apple at that time! Try as they might, there will never be anything quite like "Sex and The City" and its main women! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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