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 The Best "Trust" On Screen!

Whenever I ask people I just met if they know about "The Trust," very few people say that they do! Do you know what "The Trust" is? It's this awesome and hilarious movie starring Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood! I can't believe there aren't a lot of people aware of this black comedy masterpiece! 


To be fair, hadn't it been for my job, I probably wouldn't have known about it myself. I'm not a big fan of both stars of the movie so I wasn't aware of the latest films they were in. But since I worked as an entertainment journalist at a time, I had to interview the cast of "The Trust" during their press junket. Fortunately, if I remember correctly, they were mostly good and honest people. None of them had egos, unlike other celebs I had the misfortune to interview throughout my career. Even though they were the kind of big stars that, not really deserved, you would understand having big egos! 


What really impressed me the most was how much they liked the film. It wasn't really common for actors to really gush about the movies they were making. Unlike those lucky enough to star in MCU movies, for instance, now those guys were stoked about their work all the time. But others? Not so much! Though I was glad to listen to how this cast understood the movie and how well they worked with each other in making it. 


I was also lucky with my time slot as they still had a lot of energy and weren't exhausted having to answer some of the generic questions I had to ask them. So I figured that I'd ask for their autographs on a couple of movie posters my company acquired since they were in a good mood. Needless to say, they said yes! 


Nicolas Cage, who was probably such a pro at the Hollywood game at that point that he could do it with his eyes closed, went up to the posters and just signed each one without a second thought. You'd think it'd be like you see in cartoons like how celebrities would sign stacks of their headshots or something! I've never seen a guy look so suave and cool writing down on a piece of paper—or in this instance, posters—before! Not gonna lie, it gave me chills! 


Elijah Woods and the late great Jerry Lewis, on the other hand, were more humble in their approach. I had to direct them on where to sign. It was actually quite adorable! These were big stars (one was even a Hollywood icon!), yet signing autographs still seemed novel to them. And no, they didn't seem to humble-brag or anything like that! It genuinely seemed like signing autographs wasn't a daily routine to them (which I doubt!). 


Thanks to these three A-listers, the rest of the cast also signed our posters! It was incredible! It was my first time asking for autographs. Even though I technically had my company's help, it was nerve-wracking nonetheless! 

Please note: Our inventory is limited as we may have only received a few posters in total. Most of our items are obtained from film premieres, studios, and from autographed hounds such as the one in the story above.

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