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The Badass Women of "Measure of Revenge"

It's been a while since I've seen badass women on the big screen. And I'm not talking about superheroes in skin tight leotards. What I want are killer women—literally!—who are out for blood! Just like Lillian Cooper, played by the legendary Melisa Leo, in the movie, "Measure of Revenge." 

Apart from the Oscar-winning actress, "Measure of Revenge" has a great cast! There's also Bella Thorne, Jake Weary, Kevin Corrigan, and Benedict Samuel, among many others. And I had the pleasure to meet all of them when I interviewed the cast as part of their promotion. They're cool in their own way, sure, but it's really Miss Leo that had me captivated. She was a powerhouse in the film and an even more incredible person off-screen. Listening to her about her career, her love for acting, and what it felt like to win the Oscar all those years ago was a delight! 

She also told me that this was one of her favorite movies yet. The role allowed her to show her acting chops to her full potential, probably even more so than any of the other films she's done before. Also, like me, she's a sucker for revenge fantasy flicks like this one! Damn! That's my spirit animal right there! 

Anyway, another woman I was fairly surprised by was Bella Thorne. It's no secret that she hasn't been Hollywood's sweetheart in recent years and I really expected less from her. But you know what? She's actually pretty interesting. She's clearly more than a pretty face and while her personality is definitely not to everyone's taste, I still found her intriguing. She wasn't so stupid and vapid when I talked to her. Her say on her character and on the story as a whole was pretty enlightening. 

Of course, I also can't hate considering that she gave me her autograph first. You see, after I finished my interviews, I was able to score a few copies of the movie poster. And when Bella Thorne saw me, she asked if I wanted her to sign them. Many would think she was arrogant but honestly, I was grateful for it. Having her sign the posters gave me a push to ask for Melissa Leo's autograph too! And before I knew it, many of the cast members also signed the posters. That wouldn't have happened without Thorne's help! 

I've met a couple of badass women in my day but these two, Melissa Leo and Bella Thorne, got me captivated! See all of their badassery in their latest film, "Measure of Revenge." You won't regret it! 

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